Rape As A Wedge Issue

Lot’s and lots of hand wringing, opinions and type flying around about certain comments by some certifiably despicable  assholes lately.

I think we can all agree that rape in any form is a particularly heinous crime that affects the victim for the rest of their life.

The idea that a woman who has been impregnated against her will being told she has to carry the baby full term is bullshit on it’s face.

Who the fuck are you to tell anyone what to do with their body?

I also think that anyone who seriously considers putting someone into public office that thinks that way and calls for it to be part of the law of the land should walk straight into a door jam several times, with help if necessary.

My other thought is that this definitely qualifies as a wedge issue and it is being hammered deep into the divide of this election to the point that nothing else is being discussed at length as of late.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan continue their disinformation campaign unchecked while everyone stops to pile on these ignorant cocksuckers.

While the fact that there are major Congressional battles being fought out at the same time as the Presidential candidates duke it out is hardly being covered in the MSM, I still feel that the big picture remains to be that Presidential contest.

We can deal with ignorant fucks in Congress later, one by one.

If The Republicans win the Whitehouse these seemingly lone  oddball religious extremists are going to start coming out of the woodwork.

Remember Stupie McFuckwits  controller Dick Cheney flooded the halls of our government with political appointees towards the end of their administration and many of those same right wing conservatives are still holding those positions to this very day.

Just imagine what a shit ton of Mormon appointees might add to that mix.

Unjust laws can be overturned and individual political zealots can be neutered one by one but there is power in numbers and he who controls the Whitehouse can control the numbers using back channels.

That is why you have to avoid the outrage du jour and focus on the long game.


12 thoughts on “Rape As A Wedge Issue

  1. I hate to hijack your post on a very serious issue. But, if anyone hears anything about the hurricane and its effect on Dyker Heights, can you post on my blog? My daughter and her two children live there. She says they are not being told to evacuate. Thanks. BW, if you don’t want this on here, just take it off.

  2. I agree that anyone telling another what they can or cannot do with their body is over the line. I also agree that telling others they have to pay for my abortion is over the line as well – you want something done, its your party and not anyone responsibility.

    Choice is the ability of saying ‘yes’ OR ‘no’.

  3. I admit, I once thought the Republicans were sane, if a bit mind-screwed on certain topics. Then came Reagan…the first Puppet President. And it has gone downhill since, with ‘power behind the throne’ shit given to more and more crazy folks. The 27% Tea Party Crazies are the latest being pandered to while the Rethuglicans gain a sort of plutocratic stranglehold on America while deluding the masses with circuses and no bread (neither the buttered sort or the green spendable kind!). But even I am boggled past words with the rabid misogyny embraced of late.

    I think to myself, “Do they forget half the nation IS female?” and “Don’t they have wives and daughters?” and then, “Oh for FUCKS sake….” Insanity.

    And Guerra? Rape doesn’t give a choice of saying yes or no, that is rather the point of getting an abortion. And frankly, you are buying a line of crap if you think most abortions are paid for by tax dollars. And then, there is the begged for question of why abortion is the form of “murder” (as the tighty righties would have it) so abhorred. Your tax dollars pay for PLENTY of others kinds of murder….drones killing folks across central Asia, bullets and bombs and state sponsored executions, oh, like say, in Texas.

    1. Executions in Texas are compared to abortion ? Syrbal, executions occur when a person has been convicted of a heinous crime and the penalty for the crime (usually murder) was death. I’m pretty sure the execution was done more humanely then how the perpetrator killed their victim. I mean c’mon, they even disinfect their arm before sticking the needle in their arm – WHY?

      I don’t know how many abortions are committed with taxes, but I sure don’t feel I need to apologize for telling them my taxes should be used for other purposes then killing children. My last comment of choice was directed at folks telling me my choice is a defaulted yes. I stand by my comment – if you want to stop a birth, pay for it on your dime. The new healthcare Obama sez otherwisee.

      1. Texas rather has a habit of rushing to convict and execute, and yes, on your tax dollar. So, since you oppose abortion on tax dollars? Do you oppose other health care options paid for similarly? Because it seems to me if a rape victim can’t get her abortion funded, that is sheer sexism and misogyny….a victim of a heinous crime (one once punishable, in some places, by death you seem to approve of) is left twisting in the wind. I rather imagine if a man got beaten to near death by a robber, you would have no issue with HIS medical tab picked up.

        So, yeah, you worry about tax dollars and I say that is moral bankruptcy on your part. Of course, maybe you are one of those who simply doesn’t believe rape is rape. Oh, wait, yeah…back to moral bankruptcy and misogyny. Never mind.

  4. The New Rape-publican Party Motto:

    Rape, it’s no longer just for the sexual degradation of women and the sexual gratification of women

    If you too would like to learn how to become a Rape Father and your rights Elect your Rape-publican Congressman Today!

      1. They can’t stop talking about rape; forcible rape, honest rape, legitimate rape, god intended rape. Comparing it to out of marriage sex. Rape is always on their mind.

        What kind of men are always thinking about rape and always running over different justifications and different scenarios? Rapists, that’s who.

      2. Yeah, believe me, I have noticed. It is the cheerleaders they attract who insist that women take it, like it, and bear those babies that leave me gasping for air and ‘Oh, hell, WHY?!”

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