Texas Police Go Full Commando , Shooting People Out Of Helicopters Now.

Can’t be too extreme when chasing suspected illegal aliens now, can we?


DPS (Department of Public Safety) has taken an aggressive role on the border in recent years, increasing the number of troopers there, deploying boats and dispatching helicopters with designated marksmen armed with powerful rifles.

An official with the Guatemalan consulate said Friday that the consul was looking into seven arrests and two deaths in the Rio Grande Valley, after a highway patrol helicopter opened fire on a vehicle suspected of smuggling illegal immigrants.

A Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter joined a pursuit initiated by Texas Parks and Wildlife Thursday in Hidalgo County, DPS spokeswoman Catherine Cesinger said.

A DPS officer “discharged a weapon” during the chase, according to Cesinger’s statement.

She confirmed that two people traveling in the vehicle died, one was injured and transported to a hospital.

Texas Parks and Wildlife spokesman Mike Cox said Friday that the chase began because officers suspected illegal activity.

I guess writing speeding tickets is passe these days.
Let me get this straight, a Fish and Game warden saw a bunch of suspected illegal aliens in a pick up and they took off so he gets on the radio and the next thing ya know there is a fucking helicopter with a marksman taking a strafing run on a pickup traveling on a public highway.
Sounds about right.
Ever heard of spike strips there cowboy?
I’m thinking that Branch Davidian thing  really gave some of these cretins a real hard on.
It’s getting ridiculous out there.
Now with extra border control paranoia.

6 thoughts on “Texas Police Go Full Commando , Shooting People Out Of Helicopters Now.

  1. Wow, humans dying cuz of a ‘hunting’ thrill is what it looks like. Wait till it’s us in the cities or on the hiways.

    In the meantime, here’s one JUST for you Busted, and it kinda fits the whole political masters of war theme. One of yer fav head banging groups, a cover.

  2. Let me ensure all, that despite my comment, this is horrific, insane, inhuman and really, really fucking scary to read about. They’re all ratfuck crazy as shit down there, seemingly with no restrictions. NO law and order, for the masses . . . despite their alleged occupations and directives. Fugly, RIP the lost, and condolances to all.

  3. Very troubling news, but I expect a whole lot more of this kind of thing in the future. And yet we see American politicians on the ‘news’ acting holier-than-thou when shit like this happens in other places around the world.

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