I Wasn’t Kidding


See that mess of wires hanging under the dash?

That’s what I am messing with trying to figure out where the fuck it goes, AFTER I replaced the entire instrument cluster, fixed the fucking fuel gauge again, turn signals,again,with a new switch this time, dash lights,blower motor,blower motor switch and wiring, starter and wiring, alternator wiring, windshield wipers and wiring, windshield washer,speedometer, tail lights and last but not least the motherfucking license plate light.

That doesn’t include a new radiator, new front crank seal and harmonic balancer or heater core either.

Before I do any more whining and sniveling, I would like to heap a ton of praise on the El Camino Central forums.

I thank my lucky stars for finding that place.. They have years of old posts with custom searchable trouble shooting advice and best of all, WIRING DIAGRAMS!!

You can post questions and people who know these damn things inside and out will gladly give you all kinds of remedies and if they don’t know they will hook you up with someone who does.

They have already saved me weeks of headaches and lots of monies too.

Anyways, I just got done having an excellent pork chop and mashed potato and gravy dinner so I thought I would show you just how much fun I have been having today.

I am going to go tape up all those extra wires and hide them for right now,what really needs to work works as it sits, the only thing I really want to finish fixing tonight is the dome light but I found the connector for that and I just have to run a couple of new wires up to the back of the headlight switch and be done with that.

I have to put this thing back together enough to pull it out into the driveway tonight so I can close the garage door.

I have to go to work tomorrow afternoon but I can put most of it back together by then.

Wish me luck.


There will be a round three.

Don’t ask me how, I don’t fucking know, but the fucking park lights now come on with the key. Turn it to run and the fucking park lights and the dash lights come on.

The absolutely hilarious part, I can dim the park lights  with the headlight switch when the key is on but not when the lights are on and I can’t dim the dash lights with the switch with the key on but I can with the headlights on.

It’s a real head scratcher!

I have NO fucking idea how this came about but I did put a new headlight switch in it today.

I can live with that weirdness for now , my fuel gauge and turn signals work again and that was my main objective.

I see also that the speedo is still not moving, I made sure the bezel wasn’t pinching the needle so I’m thinking the cable must have fell out the back while I was jacking it around.

Never a dull moment.

If I was certain my wife hated this car before it has turned to resigned disgust at this point.

That’s even worse.

Oh well, it keeps me out of the bars anyway.


Update Two;

I know what it is now that I can sit here and relax for a minute.

The markings on the fuse panel are faded out and I stuck a circuit breaker between two terminals that are close together but a fuse wouldn’t quite fit.

One side of that must go to the ignition and the other side somehow ties into the lights.

I bet money when I pull that back out it goes away.

BRB as a matter of fact….





Thought I was losing my fucking marbles.




5 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Kidding

  1. Progress!

    I hate when some friend shows up in my yard with a weird car electrical problem. Since I’m a friend, I’ll try and fix it, and often do. They have no idea how much of that is luck. Sure I can chase down wires and run tests, but vehicles vary so much from model to model that without diagrams, it’s a crap shoot.

    Discovered recently a friend’s car had a 3 rd hidden fuse box. One under the dash and two under the hood on different sides of the engine. Some of them even ran in series. You’d think the problem wasn’t a fuse as the one pulled looked good. Then it turns out there was another up the line that had blown.

    Looks like you are making progress on a nasty rat’s nest of wiring disaster.

    You should see all the custom crap in my converted ambulance.

  2. That’s why when I see a butchered rat’s nest of an electrical system, I don’t just walk away, I run like hell. Spent nearly a month under the flybridge console on an old 38′ Bertram once trying to un-fuck the mess. Told the owner the best thing to do would be to rip everything out and rewire from scratch. Things were spliced from/to who the hell knows where, different color wires wire nutted together, fucking scotch locks (those damn things should be banned)… The owner said no, and I said good bye.

  3. I could do a whole post ranting about those damn Scotchloks.
    I remember a newbie kid trying to fix the wiring on a 30 ft. fifth wheel construction trailer one time.
    After three days of messing around he threw up his hands and came and got me.
    I took one look, went back in the shop and got my side cutters and a bucket.
    I cut out over Thirty Scotchloks! There was a layer of them in the bottom of the bucket.
    I ended up starting at the front and rewiring the whole fucking thing.

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