It’s Nothing Personal, It’s Just Business, Right?

Ohhhh my God,the irony of this just kills me but it is hysterically funny at the same time.
According to the post my friend Gordon put up over at The Brain, it is very likely that Clear Channel, host to that obnoxious fucking pig Rush Limbaugh, could be staring at bankruptcy down the road because of Bain Capital, and we all know who is behind that vulture capitalist bunch of carrion eaters.
You gotta go read about this while I am wiping the tears of mirth out of my eyes.

Thanks Gord, ya just made my day pal.


3 thoughts on “It’s Nothing Personal, It’s Just Business, Right?

  1. I’m glad ya wrapped yer irony needle around the pin on this one. There’s a smokin’ long feature article on exactly how Rmoney and Bain did their vulture shit on companies in the Oct. 22 issue of Newsweek. The irony intensifies if Clear Channel is one of their victims. Heh.


  2. Back in 04 I took a trip across the country and passing through Missouri on a back country road in front of someone’s house was a sign like out in front of a country store/gas station. It had three words on it.

    Fuck Clear Channel.

    Best road picture I think I’ve ever taken.

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