One Less Career Politician Today

Arlen Specter finally bought the farm.
He had been battling non-Hodgkins Lymphoma for years and finally lost that battle.

Specter was a typical career politician from the old school that was often caricatured as a bunch of mean old white men making political deals in dark smoky rooms well out of sight from the general public.

I’m sure he was a veteran of such and I will always maintain that someone got to him after Kennedy was shot when he came up with the bullshit single bullet theory.
To this day I can’t believe he wasn’t laughed out of the room but those were simpler times and people were more trusting in our government.

If that were tried in this day and age the only controversy printed in the paper would have been about who disproved it first.
Apparently we shall never know what kind of arm twisting was applied and by whom but it is a forgone conclusion that he helped cover up what really happened in Dallas that fateful November day.

One thing that can kind of give you a yardstick to measure a mans core convictions is his adherence to his principals.

Arlen Specter switched political parties twice in his lifetime, from Democrat to Republican back to Democrat for political expediency.

That right there tells me all I need to know about someone.

Arlen Specter is dead and a lot of people are probably heaving a sigh of relief now that a whole bunch of secrets died with him.

One can never be too certain that when faced with the certain end of life that a man won’t feel compelled to clear the air ya know.
Unless Arlen wrote it all down and stashed it somewhere, we shall never know the truth about what really happened behind the scenes of the Warren commission and the subsequent cover up fifty years after the fact and for his silence he was rewarded throughout his political career.

I’m sure the PTB will be more than happy to bury that knowledge with him and check that box off their list of things to worry about.


2 thoughts on “One Less Career Politician Today

  1. I know his Warren Commission “magic bullet” theory has had more holes shot through it than Kennedy had. What complete bullshit. We all know who killed JFK, and why, unless you’re blind deaf and three quarters retarded. Follow the money. Fucking Specter was just another lying douchebag in a suit, like his 534 “komrades” in that cesspool known as Crapitol Hill…

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