Fuck You Spamming Cocksuckers

God damn, I have just been getting pounded by spammers lately, on my old blog!

Every . Fucking. Day. I check my mail and there are at least five fucking spam comments to deal with.

The really weird part is that the idjits seem to have mainly fixated on an old post from a couple of years ago for some reason.

It’s not like anyone would see the sonofabitch anyway but  I have to go through the fuckers one by one, mark them as Spam, another window pops up from Blogger telling me it’s been sent to spam hell and then on to the next one. It has been getting worse and worse lately and I am fucking tired of messing with the cocksuckers every night.

Off to the Blogger dashboard I go, hunt down the settings and check off the little box that says I have to moderate every motherfucking comment and turn the fucking word verification back on to give the rotten sonsabitches the finger.

Bite me, you worthless cocksuckers.

Lower than a snakes belly and one rung above those sociopathic motherfuckers who design computer viri.

Those people should be hunted down and terminated with extreme prejudice.


Spammers are a nuisance, kind of like stepping in dog shit but I don’t like stepping in dog shit, especially five or six fucking times a day so there ya go ya assholes. Now go play in traffic.


4 thoughts on “Fuck You Spamming Cocksuckers

  1. They seem to hit my older posts pretty heavy. Good thing I check the older comments before posting. I’m running about 15 spam comments to one real in the archieves.

    Go play in traffic indeed!

  2. Hey have ya been hit up by “Lista de Emails” yet? Oh that fucker is fun. He must have jacked every single Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo address there is. I get 20 or more just from that jackass every day…

  3. The reason why they are leaving comments in older posts is they are not meant to be read by people. It’s a way of getting links back to their site so that their ranking goes up in the search engines.

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