The Stench Of Desperation

The Mighty Wurlitzer of the Right Wing propaganda arm just hit a sour note in a big way.

Matt Drudge, Carlson Tucker, Sean Hannity and Fox News all got together to build up a massive hype campaign claiming to have Breaking News  showing Barack Obama being a racist scumbag after all.

Drudge spent all day teasing the gullible and weak minded  that there was a shocking new development and that he had exclusive access to and if they would all just gather around in breathless anticipation he would then let everyone in on the secret.

The Big Secret turned out to be a  video of Barack Obama speaking at the church he used to go to back in 2007, and they went full song trying to paint Obama as being racist and by God, even talking black!

Not only was it not news, Fox had covered it back then but they were pathetically trying to skewer it and emphasizing how racist  and how “Black” Obama was.

Fox News host Sean Hannity aired video of then-Sen. Barack Obama speaking to African-American clergy members at Hampton University in 2007. But despite being described by Hannity as “some of the most divisive class warfare and racially-charged rhetoric ever used by Barack Obama,” the video shows Obama accurately comparing the federal response to Hurricane Katrina to with the response to Hurricane Andrew and the September 11 attacks.

Promoted as an “exclusive,” the Daily Caller posted previously unaired portions of the speech that was extensively covered at the time, including by Fox News. According to the Caller’s post, in the unedited speech Obama described America as “a racist, zero-sum society in which the white majority profits by exploiting black America.” Appearing on Hannity’s Fox News show to promote the video, Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson called the speech a racial “dog-siren” and an appeal to “racial solidarity.” In reality, however, the video shows no such things.

Hannity began his October 2 show by airing a clip of Obama acknowledging Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who was in attendance. Obama’s praise of Wright is nothing new — in fact, Politicoposted the very same clip in 2008, calling it “tailor-made for an attack ad.”  According to ABC News, the clip was also aired on a March 2008 edition of ABC’s World News Tonight with Charlie Gibson.

In the most-discussed clip of the show, Hannity and Carlson aired a clip of Obama discussing the Katrina relief effort, describing it as “a dose of heavily racially charged rhetoric.” But in the clip, Obama simply criticizes the federal government for its poor response to Katrina and compares the reconstruction effort to that following Hurricane Andrew and the 9/11 attacks:  …


These fucking people should be put out of my misery.

Of course, that whole broughaha went over like a fart in said church.

They were flogging the dead mule trying to portray Obama as being secretly racist and that should scare the tighty whitie’s off you tighty whitie’s.

It is painfully obvious that The Stench is going down in flames before their very eyes and felt they must do something to help turn Mitt Romney’s campaign around.

Let me just point out to you that this is a perfect example of just how the Right Wing propaganda machine actually works, think of it as a blue print or a How To manual.

Sean Hannity, The Daily Caller, and Drudge Report spent hours hyping a racially explosive secret video of President Obama.

Like I said, they are fucking desperate because they can see their way of life and all of their imagined superiority dissipating like an ephereal fog right before their eyes.

The age of the WASP will soon be a memory and all of the gravy these people have been spoon feeding each other is going to curdle in the ladle and that scares them.

Take a look around America, you are watching history being made. One dying paradigm giving way to a new age.

It’s ugly but very, very necessary and long overdue.

The likes of Matt Drudge and the rest of the hysterical Right and their conservative lap dogs are slowly being phased out and I am sitting here munching away on popcorn and observing the whole process with rapt attention.

Make no mistake, they will go down hard like the rabid fucking dogs they are but they will go down and the bestest part of this whole political die off is that it is self inflicted.

Death by a thousand cuts and they just keep passing the razor back and forth to each other.


3 thoughts on “The Stench Of Desperation

  1. The sad part OB, is that the other alternatives, leaders, and political systems (all systems for that matter) are all fully owned and bought by corporate fascists. So, rooting for one or the other in this manner is really moot.

    Wait till Obama is reerected and see what he does to SS, Medicare/Medicaid, and all social services programs as he drives the center right, right into the hands of his corporate fascist masters and Wall Street.

    And we the people continue to lose our civil rights, never get jobs back, and lose all we paid into SS and die for lack of medical care.

    It don’t matter if the right wingnutz racists die off when there’s plenty of other folks to do the bidding of the corporate fascists.

    Oh, look for increased WAR in Obama’s second term, also. Like, Iran.

    I garentee doing Iran will change all our lives. Fast, too.

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