Three More Months

Just because I am keeping a running tab for myself,I thought I would put a smile on your face too.
Three more months and that treasonous little fucking weasel Joseph Lieberman will be retiring from office.

He saw the writing on the wall after he had to bail as a Democrat when he was beat by a fucking no name recognition guy ,one Ned Lamont in the primary in 2006 and we all saw what a power hungry little man would stoop to do just to keep his seat.
It was ugly and the little fucker should never have been reelected and I have not forgotten what a scurvy little prick he is.

I’m sure the little fucker already has some cushy corporate welfare job waiting and I wouldn’t be the least surprised if the office wasn’t already furnished and turn key ready.

No matter that, what does matter is that monkey faced bastard won’t have his sweaty little palms wrapped around the official levers of power ever again.
He is just one of the many corrupt motherfuckers I am doing my damndest to out wait but by no means the least.
The reasons I despise this particular worm turd are too fucking many to list here but not so many that they couldn’t be listed at all.

As a political observer for many years, take my word for it, this country and basically the entire planet will be a much better place to live when that sonofabitch is no longer in office.

Three more fucking months monkey boy and then it’s hasta la vista and yippeekiyay motherfucker to you.

I can’t fucking wait to see the horse turd sized tears streaming down his face all the way to his fucking turkey neck waddle as it finally dawns on him it is all over.


4 thoughts on “Three More Months

  1. “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

    Our nation’s elected representatives must be shown that true fealty will be rewarded. You actually won’t be hearing much from Joe after he retires. He won’t have to stoop to being a lobbyist, or actually having to work. I forsee many Boards of Directors will have a new member. And his children and distant relatives, even unto the sixth generation, will find succor.

  2. Love the rant, Busted, but he’s too old and far gone for further job sitches. He’ll be used as a consultant, 12 hours a week, by phone, and paid to give up all his connections. That should last a year, and then he’ll likely be dead anyway, due to old age.

    He’s the least of our worries, hoss. I’m sure you know that, and yes, I DO rejoice in his departure from the political scene.

    Wishin you and all well, we are in for deep doo doo after Obama storms to the erection for a second reign.

    That will measure what we have left of a social democratic republic. I honestly think, it will measure to NOTHING in that regard.

    In which case, shit’s gonna bust loose. Far beyond our ability to deal with it. Just bounce and jump, maybe some of us make it for another decade or two.

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