Wake The Fuck Up

I get a kick out of the little darlin’ at the end and as usual, Samuel L Jackson is cool.


4 thoughts on “Wake The Fuck Up

  1. Oh please, like the fucking Kenyan is any better. Corporate welfare, criminal bankers go free, endless fucking war from the “peace prize” winner… THEY. ARE. ALL. THE. FUCKING. SAME!!! Wake the fuck up indeed. You know what all this left/right bullshit is? DIVIDE AND FUCKING CONQUER. Vote “none of the above”.

  2. Gone viral, great piece of work, indeed. Sadly, The DIM Sitting President is fully owned and operated by the corporate fascists, and we have 4 more years to endure as he will fully attack any and all social programs that FDR and LBJ set in stone. And expect a MAJOR war to break out, while domestic rights are further curtailed and eliminated. Ah well, time to sip, sup and pick and sang. It’s over, and this empire is gonna fall further and faster under the DIMS that the GOP could have EVER cratered it.

  3. Great video . . . sniveling about the lack of difference between the two parties ignores the history of the Repubican party which is 100% for business and fuck the little guy. If things seem desperate now, just wait til the R’s get the reins of power……

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