I Can Smell It From Here

There was a rumor flying around the web today that VP wannabe Paul Ryan had “gone rogue” and was calling Romney “The Stench” after some fucking idiot at Politico named Roger Simon posted a very, very, bad satire piece.

Several news outlets and even The Shrill One, Paul Krugman took it seriously though and the damage is done.


I think it’s absolutely fucking hysterical. It even gives Ryan the nickname Gilligan.

I am running out the door for work and can’t do this justice so I am going to throw up some links for you to enjoy.

If the Romney campaign thought they had problems before this, they couldn’t have imagined what a hand grenade in a barrel this is.

The nickname for Romney is going to stick like shit to a blanket.

I am going to abandon Romneybot for “The Stench” immediately.

It, just, fits.



4 thoughts on “I Can Smell It From Here

  1. I ran that as straight news on the Brain. Nobody called me on it so I didn’t bother retracting it. It’s just too funny. I mean, there’s funny nicknames with a story, like “Ace” and “Snake” and “Sashweight”, but “Stench”?! Too muckin’ futch.


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