Internet Availability Update

For once I am not going to badmouth Comcast.
Shocking, I know.

I had to run an errand the other day but when I got back there was a young fella already here nosing around checking things out.
Good, I says to myself, now I will know for myself what the fuck is going on here.
He was in the garage where the cable comes in to the house from the pole and had a connection apart checking it out when all of a sudden, it bit ‘im.
Uh, yeah, television cable is not supposed to have current going through it.

We both kinda looked at each other and said, What the’?
I grabbed a hold of it and nothing happened. I messed with it for a second and grabbed the other end too and then it bit me too.
Not a full 110 volts but enough to get your attention.

He said he really hadn’t dealt with that before and got on his phone and called another guy.

That,right there, earned that young guy a ton of bonus points from me.
It’s not easy to admit when you don’t know something, especially in front of a customer.
Luckily there was another young fella in the vicinity and come to find out when I had to go to work later, there was yet another guy down the street at a neighbors house.

Anyway, this other guy shows up and grabs a meter with an inductive pick up on it that shows how much juice is going through a wire just by sticking it next to it and starts chasing the cable.
I grabbed one of my ladders and stuck it in front of the washer in the garage so he could get to the cable where it goes into the attic.
He climbs up there and finds a splitter with four more cables going to each room that has it and another splitter with one cable that goes to the kitchen immediately to his left.

There is no cable outlet in the kitchen.
It must have been sheetrocked over in a previous remodel.
Unhook that bastard I says.
All of the cables up there are showing anywhere from fifty to one hundred volts.

One at a time, I start flipping breakers trying to narrow down where it is coming from.
It’s the one marked “garage” on the box.
One small problem there, that breaker also kills all the power to all the outlets in the front room and two bedrooms too.

So we unplugged everything in the rooms with cable one at a time and started in again.
He traced it all the way to the younger boys room clear in the back of the house, all the way to his fucking X Box.
Somehow, it has a bad connection inside and is back feeding through the box, the television and back into the cable.
Fine, I will either get it fixed or replaced.

Oh hell no, it’s not going to be THAT easy.

After unplugging that sonofabitch, he still has juice coming from somewhere.
Back we go and start over. This time, he chase’s it into the other kids room and finds one of THEIR boxes doing the same thing.
They pulled that out and replaced it.
Then he says he thinks the house might have a bad ground wire connection.
I hunted around and found that behind the hot water heater and sure as shit, the clamp is broken and they are using a fucking water pipe for a ground instead of an 8 foot long copper rod driven into the ground like they should be.

I cleaned up the wire and the pipe and cranked down a stainless steel hose clamp I had laying around just for now.

He is still finding current but it’s not quite as bad and this is where I had to leave for work.
I am probably going to wind up paying for the service call, even though they did find one of their boxes bad, it is something inside the walls bleeding  juice.

At least I know what I am dealing with. They said they were going to change the configuration of the splitter up in the attic too.

Whatever they did, I now have my internet connection back, so far.

They told the wife we could still have problems with it but so far not even a blip.

I thanked them both personally before I left.

They were surprised to hear what the previous visitors had told us, as in lying through their fucking teeth to my wife.
That’s why I wanted to be here.
One of them tried the mistake early on in trying to dazzle me with technical terms and I smiled and explained to him right back what he had just said in layman’s terms just to let him know that shit wasn’t going to fly.

I know all about amplitude and frequency and pulse width and amperage, signal boosting, current leakage yadda yadda yadda.

All in all, both of those young guys were very nice, very thorough and sincerely wanted to fix my problem.
My hat is off to them.

So as much as I have been badmouthing Comcast lately, they do have some decent technicians after all.

It’s the likes of the two jack asses that were here previously who piss me the fuck off.
Too fucking lazy to actually look for the real problem and give bullshit lip service to the poor housewife who doesn’t have a clue about what is going on.

Get someone like me who knows what they are talking about and try your bullshit lip service with me and see what happens.

So for now, I am happy enough.
The fucking internet works like it should.


3 thoughts on “Internet Availability Update

  1. Sounds like the kind of problem that used to keep me business -when I was a firefighter. You are lucky the house didn’t catch fire.

    Looks like you finally have the right guys on the case.

  2. In the 80’s I bought a computer system for my biz which never seemed to work properly. The company said it was the power which is dirty. My first answer was that I had a bunch of computer controlled machines which work fine from the same incoming power. So they put on a recording power meter and I logged each problem. They then tried to tell me, See the power is bad when in fact the power was unwavering. What they didn’t know was I was also a trained electrician, having worked on equipment that supplied high frequency, high amp power to missile systems.
    I got my money back but it cost me time and energy. And it turned out the fuckers knew their box was crap.
    I know it’s hard and costly to make stuff that works properly but it can be done. It doesn’t take a herd of assholes in board rooms (which usually makes things worse, often much worse) it takes people with vision, energy, thought, training, and a desire to make whatever it is, work.

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