I am losing my patience with Comcast, again.

All fucking week, the internet has been on and off, on and off,mostly fucking off.

The cable Tee Vee works fine, it’s just the motherfucking internet.

I can sit here with five bars on my laptop, it says I am connected but I have no fucking access.

I don’t watch tee vee, except my wife has it on and watches it at all hours of the day and night so it’s on in my background.

The internet is my vehicle for entertainment and this has been an ongoing issue ever since we got it and I have finally had it with this bullshit.

I just put in 125 fucking hours at work in the last two weeks, my wife has a cold and I woke up with the cocksucker this morning too.



You don’t even have an inkling of how fucking grumpy I am but some poor fucker named Richard at Comcast does now.


I told him we have had this problem since we got their “service”, have had guys out here making excuses and now I want it fixed, permanently.

I don’t give a fuck if they have to run a separate cable from the fucking pole into the house, I want it fixed, now.


My wife has been dealing with this but now I am batting clean up here and I will get results, guarran fucking teed.

I should be here tomorrow when their next sacrificial victim shows up with his butt crack showing and a pair of pliers hanging out of his back pocket and we are going to have a little chat.

By the way, giving me three months of fucking HBO don’t blow my skirt up, either.

Fix the motherfucker.



7 thoughts on “GRRRRRRRR

  1. I had internet issues when I got my place… tell them to get up on the poll and check the box fucking tree rats had chewed my line screwed up the web but the tv worked just fine

  2. Busted,

    “wife has it on and watches it at all hours of the day and night”

    Yup. Same here. If I didn’t love my wife, that fucking TeeVee would be in a landfill, where it belongs.


  3. Sorry for the trouble. I work for Comcast and I’d like to help in getting this resolved for you. You can contact me, provide your account info and a link to this page if you’re interested in my help.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  4. My own attitude about Comcast is that I’ll never do business with them again, thanks partly to experiences like the one you’re going through. Others swear by them, though. Guess we’re the unlucky ones…

  5. We have the same shit here, every freaking day and night. I am so fucking fed up…I wish to gods i had a choice out here. They keep saying it is our Apple router that runs the family network….we’ve replaced it twice in three years and it never freaking matters. It is bloody Craptastic Comcast.

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