My Condolences To The Citizens Of Swing States

You are about to have your senses bombarded with negative political ads in quantities you have never, ever, experienced before.

NEW YORK (AP) — Now the campaign ad crush and TV spending spree really begins in the presidential race.

The TV ad campaign, with total spending expected to swell to $1.1 billion, starts up again now that the party conventions are over and the two-month sprint to the general election is under way.

Just over one-third of that amount has been spent so far, according to the Kantar/Campaign Media Analysis Group, which tracks campaign ad spending.

That means the campaigns and independent groups will spend more on the air in the final eight weeks of the presidential contest than they did in the first five months.

My bold.

You poor bastards aren’t going to be able to turn around without a political advertisement blasting you in the face.

All this for a job that gives you nightmares, premature gray hair and pays chump change to these fucking millionaires.

Get ready for nasty, negative, truth distorting and downright obnoxious ads playing 24/7, everywhere you go clear up to the fucking day of the election.

I’m sorry.

I’m also sorry the money aspect of this whole fucking charade has gone completely fucked up bizzaro world out the fucking window insane.

Maybe someday that will change but it sure as fuck won’t be in my lifetime, or yours either.

My advice is to try and avoid as much media of any kind as possible for the next two months to protect your sanity.


8 thoughts on “My Condolences To The Citizens Of Swing States

  1. Swing stater here. I don’t watch TV, or listen to commercial radio. All those political flyers go right in the woodstove. It’s what I have to do to keep my blood pressure down.

  2. Wusht I lived inna swing state, ol’ Buddy, where there’s a chance it might go blue. ‘Steada bein’ held hostage here in (VERY red) Tennessee where my blue ass don’t mean diddly OR squat!. Bein’ a Commie, Liberal, Democrat here s’kinda like bein’ a Raiders fan …. there ain’t but five of us in the whole damned state … and we don’t ‘zacktly CARE for each other. Know whut I mean? BTW, you forgot to “Approve This Rant”. heh

  3. I KNEW there was somethin’ I liked about you (besides yer ornery attitude)! I’ve been with ’em since the 60’s muhself and that shield with the one-eyed, double stuck pirate is my ONLY tattoo! R.I.P. Mr. Davis!

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