Let’s Try This Again.

Fuck me.

Two fucking nights in a row.

I wrote a post last night and right in the middle of it my internet connection took a shit.

The night before it was off all damn day and all damn night.

Tonight, halfway through another fucking post it goes on the blink again.

This shit is seriously pissing me off.

I am paying good money for services that are not being provided.

Any ways.

For an interesting take on the Presidential race, go see Nate Silver at Five Thirty Eight.

He followed the 2008 race and called it exactly and I am going to let you go see for yourselves who he says already has a seventy five percent chance of winning even though all the polls are calling it a dead heat right now..


I’m going to cut this short because my fucked up Comcast connection could take a shit any second now.

It’s been off more than on all night.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Try This Again.

  1. Sorry about yer shitty off-n-on again internet connection, ‘Knucks, but glad you got the 538 link posted. I have a strong feeling Nate’s forecast is probably closer to reality than Gallup and by November 1st will be more apparent to everybody. Nice lookin’ place you got over here, what with the crown moulding ‘n all. None of that shit over to Blatherspot, huh?
    Hope all is well with you and the Missus …..

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