I Think It’s Safe To Say Mitt Romney Is A Lying Mother Fucker At This Point

All politicians lie, it’s a fact of life but the Republican Nominee and his wannabe VP have gone all out here lately.

I have heard them both lie, watched them do it with straight faces too.

I gradually kept getting the feeling that the lying was coming faster and more often.

I guess I wasn’t paying quite as much attention as I should have.


Thank goodness someone was though.

Come to find out, it has been documented that Mitt Romney lied FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE FUCKING TIMES IN THIRTY DAYS!!


I think we have a winner.


From Crooks and Liars;


Steve Benen has truly done yeoman’s work this campaign season in documenting the astonishing onslaught of Romney’s lies, and Fred Clark helpfully compiled them.


Click those links. Read the lists. List after list of lie after lie. Hundreds of them — 533, to be exact, although Benen does not make any claim to providing a comprehensive chronicle.


The problem I have with this is that it is pretty fucking obvious Mitt Romney is a compulsive liar at this point but just exactly when does one iota of truth and reality enter the picture?


How are you supposed to know when it does?


Looks to me like the fucking bastard couldn’t tell the truth if it was actually easier to do so.


His VP pick Paul Ryan is just as bad too!

So, you betcha I really want this Dynamic Duo of Duplicity in charge of the most powerful and heavily armed country on the planet.




I don’t want either one of them within a country mile of the levers of power in this country.


Go back to selling snake oil and  shystering the fucking rubes who seem to be more receptive to a good story and  a shakedown for dessert.

Mark my words, if this pathological lying asshole actually makes it to the Whitehouse come November, I am going to have PLENTY to write about and I will flat hammer relentlessly the stupid fucks that actually vote for him.

9 thoughts on “I Think It’s Safe To Say Mitt Romney Is A Lying Mother Fucker At This Point

  1. I don’t think Romney/Ryan understand Joseph Goebbel’s Theory of the Big Lie. According to Goebbels, you have to lie BIG and then repeat it over and over and over for it to have the desired effect. Trying to perpetrate 533 different lies over a short period of time simply won’t work.

  2. You don’t get to be a secret Billionaire by telling the truth. You get there by shafting thousands of people, sticking them with bill and congratulating yourself afterwards. Then doing it again and again.

  3. The worst part of the endless lies is that the national TV and written media refuse to jump up and raise hell about it.
    The R’s win and finish destroying the union movement and we can all move to Mississippi and bend over.

  4. I would venture to say that both the Mittster and Hussien are lying mother fuckers. It is a sad state of affairs that both of them are the best that their respective parties can come up with.

  5. What kills me is that people believe these fuckers when all they do is lie. WTF? How many people don’t have some kind of access to the internet, even if it’s at the public library? Who’s never heard of teh Google?

  6. There can only be one of four reasons someone would vote for Mr.. Romney. 1) They’re rich and will undoubtedly benefit from his appointment, 2) they’re blindly led and loyal to the GOP, 3) can only see the black half of the man that is POTUS, which scares them or 4) short term memory loss due to severe head trama. I guess being a liar is not a trait that would disqualify him. Remember even if they don’t… they voted for Bush.

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