Something Something, Unreasonable Search….. Nevermind

Yeah buddy, stay the fuck away from Tennessee.

Remember those DUI check points that were ruled Constitutional?

Let’s go one better.

If you get pulled over in Tennessee for suspected Driving Under the Influence and refuse to give a blood sample, they can now put you in the back seat of a cop car, call a judge and have a search warrant issued and a team of medical technicians dispatched to forcibly hold you down and TAKE a blood sample.

I shit you not.

It’s the proverbial offer you can’t refuse.

Tennessee state troopers, sheriff’s deputies and police in Shelby and Tipton counties will use a new weapon provided by state lawmakers to combat driving under the influence this Labor Day weekend, officials announced Friday.

A new “no refusal” law allows law enforcement officers to obtain search warrants and have blood samples drawn if drivers suspected of being under the influence refuse blood alcohol tests.

Listen to the reasoning from this asshole;

“This was the only area of Tennessee law where we let the criminals control the evidence,” said Dist. Atty. Mike Dunavant, whose 25th Judicial District includes Tipton County.

Yeah, we can’t be letting those pesky Fourth and Fifth Amendments stop us from our Totalitarian mandate now can we?

Fuck me, they might as well hand out copies of the Constitution to use as fire starters to help keep the Chain Gangs warm in the wintertime at this point.

So much for Tennessee being “The Volunteer State”.


4 thoughts on “Something Something, Unreasonable Search….. Nevermind

  1. They’ve been doing that bullshit down here for a year now. Of course it’s Labor Day weekend so it’s a “no refusal” weekend and they have 20 extra jack boots on duty to violate our rights. I’ve argued with sheeple about the unconstitutionality of this, but all I ever get is that standard “well if you don’t drink and drive then you don’t have to worry about it” response. They just don’t get it, their brainwashing has been too thorough…

  2. It is a slippery slope to a total lack of freedoms. I live about an hour from Tennessee. I am from Memphis and have lived in middle and east TN. This law is not going to fly well up in East Tennessee. This will lead to violence from the detained person and violence TO the detained person. Hopefully, this law can be repealed soon.

    I do not drink and drive and think all drunk drivers should be horsewhipped. But, I draw the line at forcibly taking blood from their veins.

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