Another Nail In The Coffin Of The Middle Class

The Middle Class has been taking an ass beating since the 70’s but here in the last ten years it has gone downhill  like a rocket sled pointed down an elevator shaft.

Wages have not only been stagnant, they have fallen off a fucking cliff, especially for those  who have been unemployed for extended periods and finally got a new job.

The chances of landing a job with the same pay rate you had are slim to none.

I know of what I speak first hand.

I left a job ten years ago where I was making nineteen dollars an hour but it was flat rate mechanics. In other words, piece work. Sure, when you had work you made money but there were too many days when it cost me money to go to work and stand there all fucking day and not make one thin dime because there was no work. I left that job and took one for thirteen dollars an hour and was taking home the same if not more money every payday.

I left that job after two years for one paying sixteen dollars an hour and was there for nine fucking years and was only making eighteen when I got let go.

a year on unemployment and working under the table here and there, I finally landed another job last year and it started at sixteen dollars an hour.

I have thirty years of experience and an Associates degree in Applied Science and I was glad to even have a fucking job.

As of tomorrow, I will finally be working as an official employee instead of for the placement agency who has been my official employer for the last eleven months.

It comes with a whopping one dollar an hour raise but also there is a ten percent shift differential that will put me almost back to what I was making over ten motherfucking years ago.

That is, unfortunately, becoming more and more the new norm for a lot of people.


 — The U.S. economic recovery hasn’t felt much like one even for people who managed to find new jobs after being laid off. Most of them have had to settle for less pay.

Only 56 percent of Americans laid off from January 2009 through December 2011 had found jobs by the start of this year, the Labor Department said Friday. More than half of them took jobs with lower pay. One-third took pay cuts of 20 percent or more.

The figures would be even lower if people who could find only part-time jobs were included in the total.

The report provides an illustration of the job market’s persistent weakness well after the Great Recession officially ended in June 2009. It also documents that while the economy has added nearly 3 million jobs since the recovery began, many pay less than those that were lost.

My bold.

That headline above is a Republicans wet dream come true.

I can hear the champagne corks popping from here.

Throw in the housing crisis and the cost of damn near everything going through the roof, gas especially, and you start to get the feeling that the Middle Class is a misnomer and a pipe dream all at the same time.

While all this has been happening, one percent of the entire population of this country has had their incomes explode and they now own more wealth and property than over fifty percent of every working individual combined.

The good news?

There is no good news you fucking peon.

Just more of the same as far as the eye can see.

It didn’t have to be this way either.

There were many attempts to put people back to work, to jump start the economy, to repair our crumbling infrastructure and to help the chronically unemployed stay afloat until these programs could take root and bear fruit and Every Fucking One of them got shot down and strangled in their crib by the Republican party.

The party of No.

Record numbers of fillibusters, insane amendments designed for the sole purpose of being poison pills and as much foot stomping and stalling as an entire kindergarden class being told it is nap time an hour early.

They are proudly killing off  anything, and I do mean anything, that would help the average American in any way.

If it doesn’t help big business or their corporate overlords then it isn’t going to happen and these people have been proven to be unable to govern this country repeatedly yet they will look you in the eye and tell you that they alone know what this country needs to prosper while they give away another billion dollar subsidy to their buddies in Big oil and then after lunch kill a successful program that helps single mothers.

I have no love for these people, I have only contempt and an undying wish for them to be forced to live the life they have legislated for the least among us for the rest of their natural lives.

It has been pointed out too many times to count yet remains the unmitigated truth, people who vote for Republicans are voting against their best interests.

As the latest campaign for the Presidency goes into it’s final phase, I want you to sit back and make a list of all the positive things that the Republican candidates are promising and then  really think about the specifics of their supposed implementation .

There are no specifics.

It is all bullshit and magic unicorn farts.

They have no concrete plans and will change the subject when pressed on it, watch them.

They do it all the time.

It’s all about “trust us”.

Remember that shit the next time you cash your paycheck.


6 thoughts on “Another Nail In The Coffin Of The Middle Class

  1. It applies to the upper end of the middle class too. Typical pay for a family practice physician is exactly what it was a decade ago. Yeah I know, boo hoo, but a new doctor has a house worth of student loan debt when he graduates (and a wife who’s bugging him for a house and a new car and isn’t-it-time-we-had-a baby). His job can’t be sent overseas, but the bosses can bring in FMGs (Foreign Medical Grads) and “mid level providers” like Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants.

    I may have to hold my nose to vote for a few candidates in November, but I won’t be voting Party Of No.

  2. Mr. B. is currently on a one-year contract making what he made 12 years ago, except back then he had medical insurance and a 401(k) plan with a match and dental and vision. Now he has a check and no guarantees of tomorrow.

    I lucked out in that I lost my job in 2008 a bare month before it all went to shit, and thanks to a friend of a colleague, landed in a situation where they were building the group from scratch and all you needed was a half a brain, a pulse, and even a passing familiariity with what they do. I was lucky. Two months later and I would have been just another 50+ unemployed web developer…and probably competing now with my cat-sitter for the scraps left over in the now-burgeoning petsitting business.

  3. One of my siblings is in an industry that, because of cutbacks and giveback and all of the other crap, they now make about what they did during Clinton’s second term. They hope to get back to the pay that they had in 2000.

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