That’s More Like It

Tuesday was the wife and I’s first anniversary.

I took the fucking day off finally and she had booked reservations at Edgefield over in Troutdale for two nights.


Soaking in the hot mineral springs, check.

A one hour back massage,


Eating awesome food,


Taking TWO naps in one day,


No fucking television,



A little quiet time alone together,



Oh yeah, I desperately needed that shit.


I almost feel human again, I have been working myself to death lately.


I bet I could still take two naps a day for a week and still not feel caught up but at least I don’t feel like I am running on my reserves anymore.


I went and pissed on a cup and had my physical for work yesterday. Apparently I am in better health than I thought.

I can’t see a fucking thing and I am deaf in one ear and can’t hear out of the other but basically healthy.

I have also dropped about fifteen fucking pounds since I quit drinking.

That ain’t so good actually.

At damn near six feet tall, I now weigh a touch over a hundred and forty five fucking pounds with my clothes on.


That’s getting down right bone skinny.


I’m going to have to start eating a hell of a lot more.


I can guarandamntee it’s all attitude though.

Distilled essence of Ornery.

Too bad I can’t bottle it.


Anyways, back to the grind here shortly and thanks fer stopping by.


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