Thanks Mittster

Romney just announced he wants Paul Ryan , out(R)ageous asshole, for his running mate.

That should wind up the base.

The tea party mouth breathers are probably jizzing down their legs at that news.


It should also wind up the other base too.

Ryan is pretty much universally despised by most Left Wingers.


Now that that little matter is settled it is time to take off the gloves and let ‘er rip.

Obama’s media people are going to have a field day.

It might give Romney a bit of a break from himself too.

The guy is a PR nightmare.His outright lying and his stiff, wooden demeanor combined with his privileged haughty sense of entitlement and his goofy sense of humor must be keeping them awake at night.

Also good.

If he had three feet, two of them would be in his mouth at the same time.

Don’t automatically assume I am some big Obama fan either.

That guy has screwed the pooch so many ways from Sunday I can’t even count.

There are some certain things he has miraculously been able to accomplish despite the Party of NO doing their best to completely  stymie everything he has proposed though.

Not having four thousand bloodthirsty attack lawyers  fighting over the viscera clinging to the gizzards of the crooks in the financial industry remains my biggest complaint where he is concerned.


Either way, let the attack ads commence in earnest, blow that money boys, people need the work don’t ya know.


Thanks fer stopping by.


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