I Could Give A Shit

Yeah, I’m hot, tired and grumpy, again.

It’s like someone flipped a fucking switch around here, we had no summer last year to speak of, last winter was actually pretty mild and it has been chilly wet and miserable for supposedly being summer again, until last week.

Bam, from low to mid seventies to fucking ninety and a hundred, all at once.

It was ninety fucking degrees in the shop at ten thirty last night and eighty seven tonight.

I have been trying to keep up with what is going on lately but my Give A Fuck seems to be on the fritz.

For example, the Olympics.

For the life of me I cannot get into them, at all.

There was even a local gal there for fencing,but no.

I could give a shit what is happening over there.

I am a winter olympics kind of guy anyway, talk to me when that shit starts.

Another thing I could care less about right now is Mitt Romney’s fucking tax returns.

Look, the fucking guy is as crooked as a dogs hind leg.

If you haven’t figured that out by now you are a hopeless fucking moron.

Another thing I can especially point to as not giving a fuck about is whatever that quisling little bitch Joe Lieberman thinks.

I see he was running his mouth about how disappointed he was in his “good friend”  Harry fucking Reid for saying out loud that he talked to some asshole from Bain  Capital who said Romney hadn’t paid any taxes for ten years.

Yeah, Fuck You Short Ride.

The only thing I give a shit about him is his getting his wormy ass out of office as soon as possible.

Now that I think about it for a second, the only thing I really give a shit about right now is getting my narrow ass to bed.

I just got home and out of the shower and have to be back at work at nine A.M. for a training class that is supposed to last until four P.M. and then work till eleven, come home and do the same fucking thing again the next day.

My ass is really going to be dragging by Thursday.

So yeah, excuse the shit out of me if my Give a shit is broken right now.


One thought on “I Could Give A Shit

  1. I was around Mt. St. Helens over the weekend, and it was mighty hot there. Don’t know if it got past 90 (F), but after all this mild weather it was hard to get used to.

    Don’t think that hot weather had anything to do with my apathy about most of the things on your list. I was already in the “don’t care” column on most of them.

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