I Have Been Approved

Not by four out of five dentists either.

I was informed yesterday that I am finally going to get hired on full time where I have been working since last September.

They sent my “packet” to corporation headquarters clear back in May trying to get me hired and the President of the whole world wide company rejected it because I didn’t have any CBT and demanded to know why I was even allowed on the floor.

I squinted at my boss and asked, what the hell is CBT?

Computer Based Training.

Safety training.

Which is only offered after they hire you.

The lady President obviously has her head in her ass.

Anyways, my boss, the GM and my immediate supervisor all got together  and reworked the application and resubmitted it along with two other guys who came along after me and now apparently everything is hunky dory.

I have to pass a background check and another piss test.

Should be no problems there, hell, I don’t even fucking drink anymore.

Sixty days after I am officially hired I will be eligible for insurance benefits, etc.

One thing I am looking forward to is informing the placement agency who I have officially been employed by all this time that they can go pound a sand dune up their asses.

There will be  a bit of a raise involved which is always welcome.

This actually takes a load off that you don’t consciencely think about all the time but nags at ya in the background

I had another post ready to go up yesterday but WordPress ate it for lunch and I had to get to work before I could retype it, Oh well.

Speaking of lunch, I need to get off my dead ass and make one for later.

Thanks fer stopping by.




OK, something hinky is going on.

It wouldn’t let me post this one either, just like yesterday.

I had to go into Private Browsing mode.

It’s telling me my cookies are fucked up and I just checked the settings and it says it’s OK.

Something to fuck with tomorrow.


Irritating motherfucker.


17 thoughts on “I Have Been Approved

  1. Congrats on becoming a real employee…A person can always use a few extra bucks in the paycheck plus the health benefits. Probably some benefits you don’t even know about yet….

  2. Congrats on clearing the bureaucratic hurdles! As for posting….I had the same issue with WordPress when I gave it a try, thus, I quit and stayed at Blogger. (And::::sob::::you dn’t love me anymore, I’m not on your blogroll!)

  3. For any post longer than a few paragraphs, you might want to type it up in a simple text editor or notpad program, then copy / paste.
    Or, at minimum, select all of your post and ctrl-c copy it before attempting a post, in case it fails.
    I almost always do that anymore, given how often I’m req’d to join this or that before posting a reply on various blogs.

  4. It’s heartening to hear that sometimes “temp-to-hire” really does mean hire. Glad to hear you’re one of the lucky ones. Today you, tomorrow jurassicpork, and hopefully Mr. Brilliant one of these days.

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