Knee Jerk Gun Control Jerks Jerk On Cue

I was awake and online when the Clolorado shooting story broke.

I have been inundated with story after story from the usual suspects about gun control or the lack thereof ever since.

Of course it is a tragedy, a senseless waste of human life but if you pay any attention to the news at all, this shit happens every, and I do mean every damn day, around the world.

Gun control is a fucking fantasy at this point.

You are closing the barn door after the horses are clear in the next county.

These idiots can pass laws all fucking day long banning everything they want and it will mean Jack Shit.

There are so many guns and so much ammunition already out there that the United States citizenry is ALREADY  one of the biggest  armies on the planet.

With a population of over Three hundred million people and by 2007 estimates enough guns per capita for 9 out of 10 people, you do the math.

Before Obama took office, the citizens of this country bought over ONE BILLION rounds of ammunition in ONE MONTH!

On average, We The People of the United States of America buy over SEVEN Billion Rounds Per Year.

That’s average.

So go ahead and tell me you are going to do something about gun control in this country and I will laugh in your face.

You have no clue.

I’ll tell you what is amazing.

With those numbers, it is amazing that we don’t have more of these kinds of mass shootings.

The numbers don’t lie.

All this bed wetting , useless finger wagging and gum flapping  is absolutely pointless.

It is also so predictable you could set your watch by it.


9 thoughts on “Knee Jerk Gun Control Jerks Jerk On Cue

  1. The PTB are painfully aware of those numbers, and understand the consequences should they try to ban and confiscate all those guns and ammo. “Useless finger wagging and gum flapping” is merely meant to somewhat pacify the anti-gunners, until the “next big thing” pops up in the news cycle which will relegate this latest tragedy to the memory hole for all but a few hardcore anti-gunners. I hate to break it to those people, but if there had been a few armed moviegoers in that theater, the body count would have been significantly lower. When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away…

    1. Dude was wearing full body armor, theatre was dark other than for the screen, now imagine an amateur gun owner who’s packing see’s first shooter, then another shooter shooting at shooter, can’t figure out who the bad guy is, starts shooting at both and of course there’s bodies flying, jumping, running, getting up out of their seats and it’s all in the line of fire of any gun going off.

      Please, this whole cowboys and indians notion of packing heat will save others in a disaster is a joke. It’s a fantasy, spun right out of Hollywood since Stagecoach in ’34. And continued to this day. Pure fantasy.

      1. Spoken like someone who’s never had any training. There are training courses out there that rival and exceed that which police get. Not just one time or one day courses, but those that cover weeks. You’d be surprised how many have taken these courses, and continue to do so in increasing numbers. The only “pure fantasy” is thinking that the police or more gun control will save anyone.

  2. There may be lots of shooting irons out there but the recent bunch of loonyshooters all bought new and recently. What;s wrong with trying to stop the next gen loonyshooters? Hell, when al-Qaeda’s #2 can walk into a gunstore in half our states and fully equip his organization, we are doing something very wrong.

  3. Take it from someone who lives in a city where kids are cut down like wheat everytime the temperature goes above 80: If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will own them, and , personal mixed emotions about the whole gun thing aside, that’s not a society I care to live in. We’ll only make more billionaire arms dealers and targets of ourselves.

  4. Maybe Craig. Maybe a patron could have put 2 center mass and 1 in his face before he began mowing people down. Or maybe, just maybe if several moviegoers were armed we’d have 25 dead and 100 wounded as the multiple shooters popped rounds off in every direction and misidentified targets…

    Can’t wait for the next one! I’m predicting an angry Divorcee goes wild at a Daycare…

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    1. Because I am the owner of this blog I get an email notice whenever someone leaves a comment.

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      Thanks for stopping by.

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