‘We’ve given all you people need to know’

That is a quote from Anne Romney about  her husbands refusal to produce more tax returns for scrutiny into his business practices and wealth distribution.

You know what?

I absolutely agree with her, they have shown us all we need to see.

I see some elitist motherfuckers who look down their noses at anyone who doesn’t have  money to burn and who think the rules are only for little people.

I’ve seen enough to form my opinion of their personal values and character and as much fucking money as they may have, they both come up severely lacking.

So Fuck You Annie and the horse you rode in on, that you managed to turn into a fucking tax deduction.

Your snobbery is most unattractive.

You want to be the First Lady to the President of the United States of America yet think for one second that your shady financial dealings are supposed to be impervious to scrutiny.

I have news for you lady, that is the least of your worries.

You are under a microscope now and everything you have said or done in your entire life is now open to scrutiny and rampant speculation.

Tsk tsk, if you think you can just declare that anything you have ever done is off limits to investigation and gossip mongering you haven’t been paying attention.

May I remind you that there is no royalty in America and you are not a fucking queen to dictate to the rest of us your every whim , desire.and decree.

Yes, you have shown me all I need to see alright.

It ain’t pretty either.


5 thoughts on “‘We’ve given all you people need to know’

  1. Basically he is just doing what BO has done in the past. Refuse to provide documents like college transcripts, etc. I don’t understand your outrage. Are you equally outraged by the failure of the left candidate to disclose requested documents or is it just a right candidate thing?

  2. Are college transcripts as important as tax returns?
    Hey, open them up for all I care.
    How about Stupie McFuckwit trying to hide his National Guard records that showed he wasn’t even there some of the time?
    Would that be as important as college transcripts?

    What about Obama and his fabled birth certificate?
    He showed that and there are STILL idiot motherfuckers like Trump and Arpaio who don’t believe it is real..
    Romney is trying to hide some nefarious bookkeeping, even assholes like Bill Krystol think so.

    My beef in this post is Anne’s imperial attitude.

  3. Wasn’t that special? LIke I give a good damn how generous he is with his bloody church?! She can be fucked BY the horse she rode in upon, so far as I am concerned.

  4. poltroon – An ignoble or total coward; a dastard; a mean-spirited wretch.

    A fancy old word that the upper crust used a lot. It describes the Romneys very well. And yes, I know you can think of some better ones but its fun to speak their language.

  5. As I mentioned on my blog, The Romneybot’s purported father released 12 years of tax forms when he ran for President back in 1968. (I say “purported” because it’s hard to believe that the Romneybot is the offspring of such a righteous man… a man who was a pro-civil-rights Republican, for cryin’ out loud, who when MLK Jr. came to Detroit declared a state holiday and went to march with the marchers rather than call out the National Guard, for cryin’ out loud).

    Someone else noted that if Obama was the dictator that the right wing accuses him of being, *he* could release Romney’s tax forms. They’re at the IRS, after all, which is just down the street from the White House, it’s not as if a dictator couldn’t just take some of his troops over there and order the IRS to hand them over to the New York Times.. But of course that would be illegal, so even if Obama ordered the IRS to do it, the civil servants there would just laugh and say “no way”, secure in their Civil Service protections that prohibit them from being fired for refusing to commit illegal acts. Turns out that if Obama is a dictator, he’s a piss-poor one, yo.

    — Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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