It’s Toe Tappin’ Time

Turn it up and enjoy the extended live version of The Allman Brothers Band’s tune,

Nobody Left To Run With Anymore.

I like this one because it has a light, catchy rhythm back beat going on,

almost a Calypso thing and who doesn’t love Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes jamming away together?.

It takes them a few minutes to really get going but the video is twelve minutes long.

Kick back and turn it up!



5 thoughts on “It’s Toe Tappin’ Time

  1. Phreakin insane.

    Derek Trucks has just gone OFF, the older he gets.

    I don’t know ANY rock git picker who does it better with out a flat pick. I mean, Toi Caldwell was grand, but he was a thumber.

    Derek does it with fingers, thumb, no picks, electric.

    He gets tone and style, NO one gets like that.

    No knock on Warren, no way. But Derek, he’s gone where no pickin rocker has gone for the most part.

    I mean, at times I’d swear he’s doing a Scrugg’s banjo roll, or some rolls famed dobro player Josh Graves used that he stole from Scruggs, and they used metal finger picks and a plastic thumb pick.

    Fine, fine music, good to hear Greg sanging ok, too. A tune I don’t know of, newish in their book to me.

    Well effing done, start to finish.

    At 4:20 or so, it seems Derek pulls his ear monitors (wireless I presume), then puts them back in when Warren takes HIS big solo.

    Damn, that’s some fine music, thanks Busted. Best to you and all . . .

  2. Someday, when yer bored Busted, youtube up Christine Perfect, and I’d Rather Be A Blind Girl.

    Till then, here’s one with Derek, Warren, and Susan doing I’d Rather Go Blind . . . I owed ya this after that one above. Bless Etta James, too.

    Oh hell, yer busy n why make ya work too much.

  3. I love this song. But it’s not calypso, it’s the old “Bo Diddley Beat:

    I could post any number of videos of songs that used it.

    As for “I’d Rather Go Blind”, it’s a great song, with many great covers, including, amazingly, this one:

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