Airport Stripper Not Guilty

I have to admit that it shocked the hell out of me to see that headline.

You remember the guy at Portland Airport last April,

He got frustrated with the TSA goons who came up with a false positive for nitrates on their gloves during the feel up session of his screening and said fuck it and got naked to prove he didn’t have any explosives.


He claimed in court that it was a protest against the TSA and their searches.

The prosecutor had dropped the charges down but he fought it anyway and the judge ruled that because he was protesting while naked it was protected  free speech.


Portland, by the way has one of the largest Bike While Naked events in the world every June with over ten thousand participants.

The cops look the other way because their are just too many of them.


So, my hat is off to the guy who stood there and scratched his nuts in the faces of the TSA goons and got away with it.


Good on ya pal.


I personally don’t fly because I have no reason to. It has been well over ten years since I had to get on a plane and even then they were fucking dicks about security.

There would have to be an extremely compelling reason for me to even contemplate subjecting myself to their outrageous searches like thousands of people do every day.

I don’t respect their authoritay very much and  can’t stand self important jackwads who aren’t competent enough to flip burgers having the ability to put me in jail .


Like I said, there would have to be an extremely compelling reason.




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