Syria’sly Fucked Up

Rebel forces in Syria dealt a decisive blow against the brutal Assad regime today when they set off a bomb remotely in the middle of a meeting of  the governments Central command unit.


Three top level government officials including President Assad’s brother in law were killed and several others seriously injured.


Responsibility for the attack was claimed by rebel forces.


This is going to throw a serious fuck into Assad’s brutal assaults against the rebel forces as it just took out three of the brutal fucks that were behind the strategy end of it.

Score a big one for the rebels.


Syria has been involved in a civil war for some time now after Assad brutally cracked down on uprising over a year ago.

Just recently, the Red Cross made it official and that opens the way for war crimes to be prosecuted.

Asad’s forces have been using heavy artillery in major cities and both sides are responsible for massacres and atrocities.

This isn’t going to end anytime soon but the results are written on the wall to see right now.

Assad will be forced to give up power, it is just a matter of time.


I have one piece of advice for that guy.

Get on your computer and look up the video’s of what happened to Ghadaffi at the end of his rule and take it to the bank that is what is in your future if you don’t skip town soon for somewhere far far away.

The only country that seems to have your back is Russia by the way.

I hope you have an affinity for beet soup fuckhead.


3 thoughts on “Syria’sly Fucked Up

  1. It’s not about Assad. He could leave tomorrow and the civil war would still be ongoing. This is a war of the Sunni Islamist majority against every single ethnic and religious minority in Syria, every single one of which has sided with the government because they all know that if the Sunni Islamists take over, it’s not going to only be Taliban II, it’s also going to be genocide — *THEIR* genocide. From their perspective, they’re fighting for their lives against people whose main goal is to exterminate them to the last man, woman, and child, and they aren’t going to give up just because a few folks up high got cold feet or got killed.

    Does this make Assad a good guy? No. It does make him the guy who’s least likely to commit genocide if he wins this civil war, though. And I’m not fond of genocide, so I’m not rooting for the rebels, who have pretty much sworn to exterminate every Christian, Druze, Shiite, and Alawite in the country if they win. Just sayin’.

    – Badtux the Practical Penguin

  2. I recall ones how massmedia fucked publics “opinions” in order to hang poor Saddam. Remember incriminations of “genocide of the Kurds” during Iran-Iraq War, and “mastard gas” attacks? So, for u, my indiscriminated reader, per UN Commitee reports, these chemical ammunition shells were belong to Iranian Army Forces. But Saddam was hanged under loud’n’proud public applouses. Fuck this fucktardy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fucking assholes in shady departments of the Governmental structures keep killing more-less every independent thinker. Does anyone really know the History of Libia and Colonel Muamar Quaddafi? What’ta fuck is ur problem, dearly beloved readers?

    Can u do ur fucking homework and stop repeat official Mega Bullshit?
    Now its Assad’s turn, then long awaiting mark on Chaves, and finally N.Korea.
    Thats it, there will be no “independency” anywhere in the world. Just read this shit again: NOWHERE in the WORLD. Everyfuckingwhere will be mega Federal Reserve and IRS.
    And u’re fucking around between these “2-party platforms”????
    What’ta fuck is the matter with you?

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