No News Is Not Good News (UPDATED)

MSNBC is no more.

The news outlet marriage between Microsoft and NBC has been dissolved with web searches to MSNBC being rerouted straight to NBC.

Microsoft wants to be able to use different sources for it’s news as MSNBC was seen as being politically slanted to the left as it tried to counter Fox news.

We all know Fox news is the official propaganda arm of the Republican party so it pains me to see anyone trying to counter their bullshit pulling up stakes.

Microsoft is going to launch it’s own news service this fall and it will be interesting to see which way the wind blows up their skirts when it comes to political news reporting, especially who they hire for political commentary and opinion pieces.

NBC is going to also diversify it’s news sources.

Personally, I hope they can break the strangle hold of  of the not news, news channels we are currently limited to and hire some serious investigative reporters.

As it is right now, if you want serious news that isn’t government approved whitewash or flat out ignored you have to get on the web and go out of country for sources.

America has some of the lamest news reporting on the planet which goes a long ways towards keeping our citizens fat, stupid and happily ignorant of world affairs that affect each and every one of us.

Cross my fingers, Microsoft has the resources to change that, I am waiting to see if they have the balls to inform us honestly and not cave to the status quo.

I am sick to death of fluff pieces and human interest stories about trivial bullshit whenever I happen to watch the news, it is like clockwork and it happens on every station across the nation.

You can randomly pick a local news cast and superimpose one from a different city from clear across the country and they are identical, only the faces are different.

I want real news without having to get it from another fucking country.

This is Microsoft’s big chance, don’t blow it.


You thought I was kidding when I said all local news broadcasts are the same? Watch this.



3 thoughts on “No News Is Not Good News (UPDATED)

  1. Good reporting costs money -money no one wants to spend.

    I think the Republican Party has become prisoner to Fox. The tail wags the dog. They are locked into the Fox propaganda line.

  2. I wouldn’t count on Microsoft being any different. They’re good at making mediochre software that appeals to a broad audience, which is pretty much what every cable news channel is going for, except maybe Current. And where is Current, again?

    Plus, Bill Gates’ politics aren’t all that different from most of the other rich folks who have been lobbying the government to make them richer these days.

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