Who Needs Voters?

I swear to Christ these fucking Republicans are getting crazier by the  minute.

Now we have some lady who was running for the Senate in Iowa who up and dropped out and declared herself a Senator of the True Government, Republic for the United States of America.


Apparently sometime right after the Civil War, (I am going to leave that opening alone, it is just too easy)

our current system replaced the true system, hers, illegally.


So hey, wanna be a Senator?

Just move to Iowa and if she doesn’t have another opening for that, just declare yourself President.

I can’t believe the silly thing didn’t snag that spot for herself!


As Jason Noble of the Des Moines Register first reported, the candidate, Randi Shannon, had been running for the state’s 34th Senate district. However, she recently came to believe that the real U.S. government was replaced with an illegal one after the Civil War so, rather than continue her state-level pursuit, she dropped that bid and named herself a Senator of the what she thinks is the true government.

In a letter fittingly posted to her campaign’s Facebook page on July 4, Shannon wrote that the country was founded as the Republic for The United States for America in 1787, and that it remained as such until the 1860s, when it was abandoned during the Civil War. Once the war ended, she wrote, the government was replaced by the, “UNITED STATES CORPORATION,” [sic] which has endured to this day as the nation’s farcical governing body.

I can’t wait to see her new stationary.


HT Raw Story.





3 thoughts on “Who Needs Voters?

  1. And let me guess, she didn’t know until after she was running for office and somebody showed her the Super Sekrit Paperz of the United States Corporation, written in human blood.

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