The Battle Of The Millionairs

It looks like the two protagonists vying for the Presidency have finally gotten down to where the rubber meets the road and thrown down gloves.


Between the two major parties, they plan to spend almost one Billion dollars trying to elect their candidate to a nightmare job that pays four hundred thousand a year or about as much as Ann Romney spends on two horses for maintenance.


No, it isn’t about the money, it’s about power.

Two Grand Master Power Trippers in a pissing match.

I do believe this election is going to be down right entertaining.

The shit is going to fly, the Republicans consider this election a matter of life and death, as they should in my opinion.

They are so far away from doing any fucking thing AT ALL to help this country get back to work they outta be ashamed of themselves.

They have one thing and one thing only on their agenda and have for three and a half years. Do anything and everything to hurt Obama’s chance at reelection.


I have bad news for you snookums, the guy you wound up with as a candidate is the stereo type Republican on steroids.

  White,rich, clueless and privileged,


I did mention rich, this is where Obama has just thrown his first punch.

If this is what we can expect to see between now and November, I’m going to need more popcorn.



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