Show Me Your Papers

Get a load of this, THREE fucking check points demanding proof of citizenship in one morning.

I love the way this guy handles this bullshit too.


I also love how the JBT’s fold like cheap suits when confronted. That speaks volumes to me.

Yessir, I just love the smell of Freedom in the morning.

The first idiot that tries to deny we live in a police state needs to be the first in line at one of these fucking checkpoints every time he pulls out of the driveway.


16 thoughts on “Show Me Your Papers

  1. Governments have no limit to intrusions. A couple of years ago, Mom was ticketed for having a non functioning vehicle (’77 T-Bird in immaculate shape) because of its condition. It was parked under her carport, which is viewable from the street, which caused their panties to get all twisted. Not in the yard, surrounded by weeds, or taken apart – just parked in her carport. A car cover seemed to get it all taken care of.

  2. I live with a man who’s response was: “Once wouldn’t bother me: twice would piss me off and the third time I guess I’d be in jail.”

    From there we got into the usual discussion. He believes in some of what Homeland Security does yet has experienced very little of it. I believe he’s too preoccupied with the upcoming “selection” to realize what’s happening in this country.

    I say much more and I’m told I’m too wrapped up in conspiracy theories.

    Time will tell.

    BTW, the young man sounded very much like my youngest son who would have said.exactly the same things.

  3. A very few can fucking get it. That’s what bothers me just as much.

    Eventually there will be a case about this very thing where some badge takes it several levels up and ends up sued because they trample on our rights to say no.

  4. I woujd not be near as polite as this fellow was. I would definetely be on the phone to my Senator or Congressman and be reaming their ass out, Then I would get hold of the local paper and tv station and pushing the crap out of them to get this whole thing out in front of the public. I used to trust police officers, even had them in my family….today….no way.

  5. If you are traveling in the Southwest, this sort of thing is a fact of life now. Not being used to it, these largely useless invasions of our privacy just remind me how little many of us understand what freedom is. This wouldn’t happen if it weren’t accepted or supported by most people.

  6. Thanks for posting the vid. Not enough people know their rights, even fewer are willing to stand up for them. Once they are gone, we will not be getting them back.

  7. It’s so rare to find a young man who understands his rights, and has the balls to stand up for them these days. Great vid Busted, thanks!

  8. 1) What ARE these checkpoints?
    2) Who staffs them?
    3) Who authorized them?
    4) What is their purpose?

    What rights did this man ‘know’ and quote? There was no rule of law discussed . . . but the idjits he talked to and said NO to, let him slide . . . I don’t know of law enforcement personnel who would LET someone slide for failure to comply with a directive.

    It would be ‘step out of the car, now’. Present license, proof of insurance, questions.

    None of this makes ANY sense to me. And I sure as hell don’t get any understanding of why this man is a folk hero to some. He’s lucky he didn’t get taken downtown. Any non white who pulled that would be dead meat.

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