Gentlemen, Break Out The Drool Cups.

Oh my.

You are going to have a fit when you see this babe.

Every Red Blooded American male is going to be walking around with a stiffy when you get an eyeful.

My pal Gord  found  something that dreams are made of.

I want one.

Somebody finally had a good idea when it comes to a real mans vehicle in this day and age, too bad it is only a concept at this time but they actually made one just to tease the shit out of us.


Let me put it this way, it has REAL CHROME BUMPERS!


When is the last time you saw that on a new vehicle?


Enough with the build up, (pun intended),

Get your bibs ,  take a look and tell me you wouldn’t  love to have that beauty in your driveway.


3 thoughts on “Gentlemen, Break Out The Drool Cups.

  1. Oh HELL yeah! But ditch that fuckin’ automatic tranny and electronic 4WD bullshit, I want a 5 speed MANUAL, a 2 speed MANUAL transfer case, and MANUAL locking hubs. Gimme a Dana 35 up front and a 44 out back, 4.10 gears, and kick that puppy up in the air about 4 more inches. Oh, and piss on that V-6, toss a 4 cylinder turbo diesel in that sucker! That would be the ultimate little truck…

  2. Craig pretty much just described the Toyota 4X4 diesel truck the rest of the world drives. Not availible in the US, of course.

    Who owns Jeep these days? Some investment group?

    That being said, I do like the concept. Reminds me of their old truck but with a decent sized cab this time.

    As for me, I’m really happy with my decommissioned ambulance. It’s got the 7.3 turbo powerstroke and it’s running waste veggie oil. Can tow the sailboat and carry the canoes.

    Because it was an ambulance, it does have an interior that can be hosed out. That has already come in handy. Anything designed for blood and guts can handle a bit of mud and grease.

  3. Dang, that is cool! Somebody down here that works at Pan Am University drives an old (but restored) Willys truck, sort of similar to that one shown above. Old interior though, nothing cleaned, shifts on the steering column – cool old truck!

    My uncle has a .69 Ford Bronco, but he screwed it up when he cut off the hard top to make it a rag top.

    Thanks for the link busted, it is ubber cool!

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