Something That Cheered Me Up

As I was just sitting here drinking some coffee and trying to wake up, for some reason I remembered that a certain turncoat weasel scumbag motherfucker named Joe”Short Ride” Lieberman will be out of office and unable to run again come November.

That brightened my whole day.

I hope it does yours too.

Good riddance to that fucking cocksucker.

His list of transgressions is too long to list but I will give you one to remember, that little bastard has been a warmongering little prick from day one.

After his primary ass kicking in the last election, he was forced to run as an independent, finally forced to  give up all pretense of being a fucking Democrat .

It must have been a liberating experience for the no good sonofabitch, his voting record speaks for it’s self, he was a closet  Republican his whole career and that let him let his freak flag fly .

If you don’t look at any party affiliation and just at his voting record you would come to the conclusion the fucker was farther to the right than Eric Cantor.


So anyways, come November he can finally go find some cushy private sector job and collect his corporate welfare and we can sleep better knowing that one less corrupt motherfucker has access to the levers of power.

Just in case you have any doubts about my feelings about this fucking cretin, my contempt for Joe Lieberman is infinite and eternal.


Good fucking riddance.


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