Happy Birthday America

Even though our civil liberties are being flushed down the toilet at an alarming rate, we are still the greatest country in the world.

Some of the most feared words in the world are, “The Americans are coming!”.

While that may not be such a good thing, it does bring into focus that we as a nation have come a long way since our founders took up arms and threw off the shackles of the crown and we haven’t stopped kicking ass and taking names since.

We are still the beacon of hope around the world for millions of people.

The American dream isn’t dead and we need to do what we can in these troubled times to remind ourselves of that.

You can’t kill an idea.

Have a safe and happy fourth and remember just what we are struggling for.


Our future.


One thought on “Happy Birthday America

  1. “We are still the greatest country in the world…”

    Coulda, shoulda, woulda…
    No. You’re not the best country in the world.
    Pick any objective measurement.
    Getting worse too.
    The comment expressed in your blog is just one of the reasons why your country is falling apart and trying to take great sections of the world down with it.

    (I love your blog.)

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