Hard Lessons Being Learned

Well, for a few million Americans on the East coast, the shit hit the fan the other day.

Big wind, downed trees, power lines and all kinds of mayhem fell upon our nations capitol and surrounding areas.

Thousands upon thousands of people with no electricity for up to a week or better are right now trying to survive a suburban nightmare.

No stop lights, gas stations can’t pump gas because there is no electricity and what the fuck do ya know?,

The shelves are bare in the supermarkets.

What a surprise.

Bummer kiddies.

Oh, did I mention it is hot as all hell too?

I have read about people having freezer loads of food rot, some woman charging her fucking cell phone with her car while the A/C was blasting to boot and some dumb fucks that couldn’t even make a decent pot of coffee even though they had a percolator and a working BBQ grill.

That’s just fucking pathetic.

Of course, I personally know quite a few people who  would astound me if they could pour piss out of a boot with the instructions printed on the sole.

I feel for these people, they are in a nightmare situation beyond their control and don’t have the first clue how to take care of themselves and their families when there is no such thing as running down and getting a bag full of Big Mac’s or ordering a pizza.

I have a confession to make at this point.

For all the prepping pep talks I have given, I would be almost in the same boat as some of these people right now.

I either gave or threw away most of my prepping stuff when I moved out of the Weasel Den and to make matters worse, my wife won’t have anything to do with it.

When I told her we needed to start stocking up food she was serious when she said we didn’t have room.


3 bedroom house with two car garage.


I had four months of food stashed in a thirty foot fucking camp trailer for fucks sake.

Worse than even that, she is one of those people I just described up above.

There is zero food storage around here and she shops once a week and only gets enough for that week.

On top of that, her and the kids are extremely picky eaters.

It is making me crazy!

So, even though I can be pretty crafty and can McGiver my way out of a ton of situations, now I have to consider their needs and my wants.

I still have all my cast iron , generator, hurricane lamps and such, it just dawned on me while going through my shit out in the garage that I really got rid of a lot of stuff and some of it sprouted legs and walked off on it’s own apparently.

Fortunately, right now is camping season and there are a shit ton of sales on a shit ton of things that can make life a whole lot easier when the lights go out and stay out.

I have a list and I am checking it twice baby.

I am going to start prepping all over again and just do what I feel is necessary because I am not going to sit around with my thumb in my ass listening to bitching people with  growling bellies in the dark when I know there is absolutely no fucking reason for it.

I certainly hope a whole group of people just came to the same conclusion.

I did it once and I will do it again, this time I have a much better idea of how to go about it.

A  little at a time, quality really does matter and always remember that rust never sleeps.


4 thoughts on “Hard Lessons Being Learned

  1. What is even more sad is that when things get back to ‘normal’, I’ll bet most of them forget the hard lessons they are learning now. They never stop to reconsider what happens when or if the lights don’t come back on – permanently.

    Your big advantage over those folks – you’ve already accepted this possibility, so you already have some knowledge how to make-do with what you have. Water purification – do you think those people even have an inkling of what it takes to make your water pure? Heck, a couple of years back, people in hurricane zone didn’t even know they could flush their toilets without the water from tank!

  2. At least you have the right mindset. You have skills and don’t expect anyone to come and rescue you. It’s not too hard to put away at least a month’s worth of food -even put in some of that food for picky people.

    Heck, you know all that.

    I’m not as stocked up as I’d like myself -not nearly. Our meals would devolve to rice, beans and wheat pretty quick. At least there’s plenty of wild edibles out right now.

  3. pretty well cleaned out our stored food during some really lean times. But I’m working on replacing it now. I’ll never give up any of my durable items…

  4. It’s a downer having to provide for sheeple who won’t see what’s coming. It also sounds like they’ve been selling your shit. I would keep the lid on your new preps if I were you. Find somewhere to squirrel the stuff away, and then when the SHTF you’ll still have it.

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