Enough Already!

Christ Almighty.

I can’t even keep track of what fucking day it is anymore.

I put in 68 hours last week, and will have fifty four this week after tomorrow.

This is the first day off I have had in two fucking weeks, I pulled another 12 hour shift last night and didn’t get off until 2:30 this morning and the fuckers tried to call me in AGAIN at 10:30 this morning!

Lucky for me I was dead to the world asleep and didn’t hear the phone.

Of course, day off is relative, I still have a ton of shit to do around here that has been piling up.

There is one other bit of news I have been keeping to myself here lately.

I didn’t want to say anything and jinx it until I had some  history behind me.

I will have been sober for thirty days tomorrow.

There are a couple of beers in the fridge, one of which has been persistently wailing my name like a Banshee after I get home from these God awful hours but I have successfully ignored it’s pathetic bleatings to date.

I was pretty much out of control, again, downing a half gallon of straight whiskey with beer chasers every two and a half days and it was seriously affecting my marriage in a not so good way.

Been there, done that, I decided to pull my head out of my ass for once and take a serious look at what was and wasn’t important to me and the fucking booze lost that battle in a big way.

So far so good.

It is going to take a long time for my body to heal up after all that abuse but as for now it is one day at a time.

I have noticed one strange side effect though.

I have been craving chocolate like a motherfucker and eating candy bars like crazy.

I normally do not eat many sweets so that is something that stands out.

Oh well, it’s not like I am worried about gaining weight.

I’m so skinny I have to hold on to something when the wind blows hard.

Anyways, thanks fer stopping by.


11 thoughts on “Enough Already!

  1. Hi Busted,

    You’ll notice the view is much better when your head is not you-know-where. Good for you!


  2. Busted! I’m so happy to hear this. YOU and your marriage and your life will be so much better. Why waste your time & health on the bottle when you have your dream woman & your working like a hog? George would have been dead years ago if he hadn’t stopped drinking 12 years ago. I read your post to him; he said his style was twice the consumption! Glad I didn’t know him then. Keep your eyes and your hands on your woman and you’ll be so thankful. Love Ya!

  3. So here’s the skinny on this, I was a serious alcoholic for 45 years. Quit for a year than just found out I have colon cancer. I was the kind of alcoholic that missed no days from work and never was late. It’s called a functioning Alky. So I may make it through the operation and I may not. I have other physical issues. So I said what the fuck and started drinking a little. Had to finish my last one today cause of some test I have to do. One of the things that really helped me to quit is lots of fluid. In my case I drink this stuff called mio. It has nothing but flavor cause I have diabetes to. No sugar for me. So anytime I crave a beer or scotch, I have either a mio or green tea. I realize it’s to late for me. Man you need to take care of yourself. I’ve been passing blood out my ass for over a year. I put it off because we were also victims of the flood and lost everything last fall. So now I have to wear diapers cause I have no control of my bowels. I can’t even go for a walk without soiling myself. Hows that for honest… For everyone who can, please get a colonscopy. I know things are fucked up medically but try and figure out how to get it done. I never had insurance and so I never had it done. If I had any money it went to the power company or food for the kids. D day for me is July 11,. If I don’t get a chance to say so….Phil your a hell of a guy. Stay off the fucking booze…give someone else a chance to drink….lol Take care and I’m rooting for you.

  4. Damn Tim, I am really, really sorry to hear that.
    My best wishes to a speedy and full recovery.
    I’m not one to point fingers, I should have several tests done myself.
    I hate doctors and hospitals with a passion.

    I know all about being a functional alky too, been that way for a couple of decades now.
    I pushed my luck a few thousand times and am damn lucky to be vertical to this day.

    Keep me up to date.

  5. Hey Busted, I dont always agree with your politics but all the more power to ya for quitting the sauce. Past 2 1/2 years have been a motherfucker for me cause of drinking….. divorce, DWI and subsequent lost job cause of DWI. Im trying to re-assess the priorities in my life as well. FYI, I think your craving sweets to make up for the lost carbs from the alcohol. Good luck, man. I dont read to many left leaning blogs but you have a certain way with words that keeps me coming back.

  6. Busted, your body is used to the carbs and is craving them another way. How about trying this. My sister made this while I was in NC and I’ve been craving it since I got home.

    Go buy a can of that Irish steel-cut oatmeal. Cut up an apple into it while it cooks and throw in some cinnamon. When it’s done, add a dollop of good organic vanilla yogurt and mix it all together. If you want it sweeter, get some stevia and put in maybe 4-5 drops if it’s liquid, a tiny bit if it’s powder. It’ll give you the carbs you crave, but slower-digesting carbs that won’t spike your blood sugar. Plus it has good fiber and tastes like heaven.

    And yet yourself some good dark chocolate. If you have a Trader Joe’s, you’ve got it made. A little good dark chocolate goes a long way.

  7. Good on ya !
    Sober 17 yrs. now, but my body fell apart when I quit, after 35 yrs. of all kinda abuse.
    Still, no regrets, wife and kid’s stuck with me through thick and thin, and we’re all better for it [sobriety].
    Best to ya,

  8. Busted, Good on ya.
    I’ve been there. (Lots of us crave sugar for a while due to a sudden lack of it from the way beer metabolizes into sugars.) I’ve been clean a few years now and there is no fucking way in hell I ever want to go back. No matter how hard things may get, it aint worth crawling around puking on your hands.

  9. Eat another carb with better nutrition, like sweet potatoes. You can find some carbs you like that have fiber and minerals and vitamins–nutrients. If you eat chcolate, don’t eat the alkali-processed chocolate. It’s bad for you. Read up on alkali processing, Dutch processing.

    My brother drank a six-pack of beer everynight and smoked two packs of cigarettes each day. He never missed a day of work in 25 years, ruined his marriage, verbally and emotionally abused his children, divorced, and for two weeks had chest and arm pains. It all ended the day he dropped dead from a heart attack.

    Good for you for stopping. It was quite evident you were an alcoholic, even if you never said so.

    Keep it up. Congratulations!

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