Look Out Drifty, You Have Some Serious Competition

A friend of this blog and human Thesaurus, Driftglass, is well known for his surgically precise dissection of a certain universally disliked writer for the New York Times, who, while actually having the Christian name of David Fucking Brooks, is more commonly referred to as Bobo.

Drifty is legendary for bursting the obnoxiously odious thought bubbles that ferment in David Fucking Brooks’ swamp fevered mind and manage to find their way into print twice a week with the regularity of Old Faithful.

Well, I just read a piece that would make Driftglass proud and that is no mean feat.

Another friend of this blog and a damn fine writer in his own right, a certain Jurassic Pork, better known as JP around here, just tore into David Fucking Brooks and I swear, there are still little pieces of guts and gore on his keyboard left over.

Here is just a tasty little sample, you SERIOUSLY, need to go read the whole thing.


David Brooks, to put it mildly, is the “literary” version of the ball polisher one sees at upscale golf courses.



OK, no blood, no foul so… Wait, what? John Roberts, a minimalist? Are we to infer that Chief Justice Roberts is jurisprudence’s answer to the Japanese artists that can draw the curve of a woman’s shoulder with a single line, the haiku poet that can express universal truths and indelible images of beauty within 17 syllables? If Chief Justice Roberts is a Burkean minimalist, as Brooks describes him, then Justice Clarence Thomas, a man who’s hardly uttered a word in all his time on the bench, must by rights be referred to as alpha and beta wave-challenged.


Go read it all, I don’t want to spoil it but his closing paragraph nails my thoughts about Bobo perfectly.


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