In Other Earth Shattering News,

Some kiss ass motherfucker over in Jolly Old England has decided it is a great idea to rename the world famous clock tower in london, Big Ben, to “Elizabeth Tower”.


Jesus Christ it’s true, politicians are the same the world over.


Just like the worthless fucks we call representatives who spend days and weeks out of the legislative session renaming fucking Post offices.

Ayep, it seems they don’t have any more pressing issues to deal with over there either.


Here’s a kleenex pal, ya still have some of that brown ring around your nose.


Fucking worthless bastards.


4 thoughts on “In Other Earth Shattering News,

  1. I don’t know if it will cheer you, Busted; but they’ve always been the same. Delving into the doings of Rome as they fought Mithradates? They had a journalist worthy of Fox News writing shit about him that was not only untrue and stupid, but self-contradicting as well. So yeah….same shit, different millennia….

  2. Collect enough money for your congresscritter and you could see the Bustedknuckles Post Office of West Elephantbreath, Tell me that wouldn’t bring a tear to your eye.

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