This Oughta Wake Yer Ass Up

I am still busy as fuck, today will be the seventh day in a row I have to work, thank God the twelve hour shifts are done though.

It will be Saturday before I get a day off, IF, the fuckers don’t call me in again like yesterday.

My baby girls 21st Birthday was yesterday, all I could do was call her and my Grandmothers 98th is tomorrow.

I am going to haul ass over there here shortly and hope she is awake before I have to get back for work again.

As you can imagine, all this busy busy leaves little time to even keep up with the news, let a lone work up a good lather about anything.

So, have some Jane’s Addiction to shock your senses and be warned, I shall return.

Thanks fer stopping by.




3 thoughts on “This Oughta Wake Yer Ass Up

  1. Hey Man
    I stop over but don’t leave to many messages as of late. Sounds like the job is kicking your ass but I don’t think you’d want it any other way. Let’s face it, your happy. Something so basic as a man working, providing,and contributing is all most of us want. So just a note to tell ya I still read your stuff.
    Perhaps next week I might have some personal news for ya. It will explain some stuff about me. Take care, and be strong. Shit don’t last forever..

  2. Feast or famine dude, grab the paychecks while ya can . . . it’s GOOD to keep busy . . . at any age. 😉

    “I’ll sleep when I die.”

    -Camp Picker At A 5 Day Fest

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