Yet Another Flesh Wound

Damn, I hate that.

I was yanking on a wrench at work today on an especially uncooperative stainless steel nut, pulling hard, when the fucker let go all at once.

The wrench didn’t slip and the bolt didn’t break, it just came loose all at once.

Unfortunately for me, I was underneath a piece of equipment on my knees and reaching under an electric motor when it did that. There was a nice sharp piece of sheet metal that I couldn’t see from my vantage point too.

My hand came flying back right into the edge of that fucker.

Split the back of my hand wide open.

There was a serious trail of blood for fifty feet straight to the first aid kit .

I tried a piece of gauze and that was a waste of time.

The whole time I am digging around in the first aid kit blood is just running down my fingers and puddling on the ground.

I finally wound up pouring some kind of super duper blood clotting powder on it and that slowed it down some and it finally quit.

There was a puddle of blood literally as big as a dinner plate on the floor by the time it stopped.

I had cut a blood vessel open.


Drove myself to the ER, they must have been slow because about forty minutes later I walked out with four tightly wound stitches.

No antibiotics, not even an aspirin. Have a nice day and try to keep it clean.

By the way, have this nice tetanus/whooping cough/distemper shot.

Went back to work and now tomorrow I get to go piss in a cup.



Now ya know why I call myself Bustednuckles.


This ain’t the first or last time, it’s just another day in the life of a mechanic.


7 thoughts on “Yet Another Flesh Wound

  1. just another day in the life of a mechanic.

    Yup. Machines require the blood of humans or they refuse to permit themselves to be fixed. Bleeding’s part of the job, thankfully not usually that much.

    Remember it well. Don’t miss it at all.

  2. I love the “piss in a cup” part, because, ya know, shit just doesn’t happen unless you’re fucked up on something. Assholes…

  3. Once I bleed on a machine, I don’t have to worry when it’s gonna happen anymore.

    And make sure to whisper, “Eat that, machine, and make a dream you killed a man.”

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