The End Is Near

Oh. My. God.

Are you fucking serious?


Someone actually paid that trout lipped skank whore Octomom to get naked and PUBLISHED PICTURES!!


Even better, she is supposedly, “pleasuring” herself.

Ack, I feel a hairball coming up.


Lord help us.


I have seen some nasty shit in my day but I draw the line at that.

She has had FOURTEEN kids before she was 35 years old, I bet you could drive a Semi Truck in there and still have room to turn around.


Sorry, that is some fucked up nasty I wouldn’t want to even be in the same state with.

Grosses me out even thinking about it.

No, there is no link to that.

Of course Huffpo has the link if you want, no fucking way I was clicking on that.

Go gouge your eyes out on your own time.




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