This, Is Why Driftglass, Is The Man

Drifty has been  my hero for many, many years now for a good reason, he is observant, articulate and unrelenting.

His powers of observation concerning the goings on in the politics of this country span generations with a razor sharp memory and a razor sharp ability to cut through the bullshit. There is a damn good reason he was voted the best individual Blogger bar none by other Bloggers.


One of his favorite targets has been that puke David Fucking Brooks, who has been a conservative enabler extraordinaire for years now.

Brooks is constantly glossing over the hideous history of his Conservative brethren and punching Dirty Fucking Hippies with bland platitudes and dull wit respectively for years and making big bucks doing it.

Fortunately, Driftglass dissects and translates  the ambiguous bullshit and exposes Mr. Brooks as the charlatan he is, exquisitely.


Do yourself a favor, go read one of the best and well thought out verbal carpet bombings of Mr. Brooks’ latest 800 word screed you will ever see, anywhere, at any time.


It makes you wonder how some worthless fucking puke like that knob polisher Brooks can live in the lap of luxury for spewing apologist bullshit twice a week while a brilliant political mind with the ability to write circles around him with acute clarity and imagery, who doesn’t fog up his intended message with vague statements, can possibly be unemployed.

It’s just not fair.


3 thoughts on “This, Is Why Driftglass, Is The Man

  1. I concur, he is a genius. I can’t believe no one has snapped him up to write for their publications. His photoshopping skillz are major. Always love to see what he’s up to next. It’s nothing short of a crime that he is unemployed. It’s their loss. Idiots

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