Something To Ponder

Everybody and their dog now knows that  a certain shithead Governor in Wisconsin survived a recall election yesterday and Bloggers everywhere are busy analyzing the results.

I certainly would have liked to have seen the weasel get gone but I don’t have any skin in that game.


What interests me about the whole thing is the money spent compared to the results.


Wanker outspent Barrett roughly 8 to one with scads of out of state donations.

That race saw SIXTY MILLION dollars spent on a recall election, by far and away an obscene amount.


Most of that came from out of state.


This is what I find interesting.

Walker won 53 percent to 46 percent despite spending eight times as much on advertising.


Take away all that money and he would be packing his bags right now.

I can take away two positives from yesterday, one, He lost his majority in the upper house, even if it is largely symbolic.

Two, all that fucking money that the Republicans threw at that recall desperately trying to save one Governor is money they no longer have and therefore can’t throw it at Mitt Romney in the larger Presidential race.


Not like they don’t already have a giant stash  of cash just for that too.

Now Governor Walker can get back to his union busting and other devious objectives in relative peace, all the while knowing in the back of his mind he is bought and paid for.

I hope they left the money on his night stand.



5 thoughts on “Something To Ponder

  1. I hope they left the money on his night stand.

    Just a roll of quarters. He’s a cheap date. Blows hard but still cheap.

  2. Dude welcome to Citizen v United and unlimited funding of private political campaign donations from billionaires. End of story. They own us, the system, n the erected offals we continue to vote for.

    Fuck ’em all.

    At this point we can’t change a phooin thang.

  3. Degringolade is right – there’s lots more where that came from. All they have to do is make us give them more via banking fees, insurance coverage, etc. Democrats have just as complicit in that as Republicans.

    What Wisconsin looked like to me is, after the unions got riled up over Walker trying to end their collective bargaining rights, they got a recall petition signed. Then the Democrats nominated a guy who didn’t like unions to run, the same guy who had lost to Walker by six points in 2010. Lo and behold, he lost again, by seven points this time.

    Even if the GOP had been limited to the same campaign budget the Democrats limited themselves to, the result would have been the same. I think all that extra $50 million they spent just added a couple of points to the margin.

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