I Must Be Having A Flashback

As I am sitting here perusing some of my favorite Blogs, the television is on, my lovely wife is out cold, she has been busting her ass even more than I have lately, and some weird shit in the back ground drags my eyes to the TV screen.

What I just saw defies logic.

I caught the last few seconds of a commercial that I swear to God, had Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister fame in full get up hawking a Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning service.

Talk about a double take.

Something just ain’t right there.

It was just bizarre.

Anyways, just one more reason not to watch the boob tube if that’s what they have going on.

What’s next, Dick Cheney doing PETA commercials?






2 thoughts on “I Must Be Having A Flashback

  1. I don’t have TV except for movies, but I saw the same thing at a friend’s house.

    Yeah, I can Dick doing a promo: PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals.

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