Comcast Strikes Again

That thumping noise you faintly heard last night was the sound of my head banging off the wall.


I got home from work, grabbed a beer and before I could sit down the first words out of my wife’s mouth were that we had no internet.


I’m sure you can vividly imagine my reaction.

One whole day.

That is how long we had the internet after a fucking WEEK of dicking around with  this outfit.

We still had cable, just no internet.

She said it went out during the day and she had spent hours (again) talking to them trying to figure what the fuck it was this time.


They finally threw up their hands and told her the modem must have quit.

The very same modem they just gave us that apparently had a working life span of LESS THAN TWENTY FOUR FUCKING HOURS!

Jesus H fucking Christ am I tired of fucking with this.


Sooo, we had to unplug all the fucking hardware we just fucking installed, drive the fuck back down there AGAIN, and get it all replaced. I told her I wasn’t going inside because they would end up calling the cops before I was done with them.

Of course this time, the lovely wife got some fucking DVR, recorder, player I dunno what fucking thing AND a land line too.


Face palm.

Then we had to come home and hook all this shit up again and she was still on the fucking phone an hour later trying to get all this shit activated again when I had to leave for work.


She must have got it straightened out as you are reading this.


I swear on my Mothers grave, if I have to deal with these fuckers one more time in the near future, no matter what she says, I am going to put all their shit in the bag and personally deliver it and demand my fucking money back.

I can only stand so much and they have surpassed their allotment by  a large margin at this point.


I did finally see one of their service trucks on the next block yesterday, a fucking week late and their maintenance yard is less than five miles away.


4 thoughts on “Comcast Strikes Again

  1. I’m going in person this morning to speak with my provider. I will be nice yet firm. I learned the art of an insult with dickhead golfers in that you can do so with a smile. They will not like me. I’ve been there before and didn’t press too hard because of first impressions ya see. Not today.

    As far as I’m concerned access to the internet is a right but as we all know corporate whores will not be denied!

  2. Sounds worse than verwhoreizon. I could not imagine that but there it is. Dealing with verwhoreizon ,makes me think I’d rather have dental surgery with no anesthetic, at the DMV while watching faux news.
    Busted, I think we need to understand, the very fact that we are allowed to have internet access, that our betters have given us that, is well, fucking amazing.

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