What A Surprise,CongressCritters Are Morons

According to a study by the Sunlight Foundation, our over paid and under worked Congressmen and women speak at a level of a High School Sophomore.


What they failed to mention is that they ACT like spoiled three year old’s.

Further proof that the intentional dumbing down of America is proceeding beyond the wildest dreams of it’s progenitors.


It’s like, totally rad that these fearless leaders of the free world are like,can talk so gooder,man.


I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that when you Tweet constantly about how awesome you are that you are limited to 140 characters?

It is particularly distressing to find this out when as a child in the fourth fucking grade I was doing college level vocabulary.


I might not use it on a regular basis but when I want to, I can still attain a certain level of competence when it comes to the English language beyond four letter expletives and I am certainly not constrained by a 140 word limit by any means.


I guess this just vindicates my gut feeling over the past decade or so that the nagging feeling that I was listening to illiterate and inarticulate dumb asses, who can’t properly pronounce the word nuclear for example, were becoming increasingly prominent in our national discourse.

Yeah, I’m looking at you Stupie McFuckwit.


Now we have a proper scientific study confirming my suspicions.





8 thoughts on “What A Surprise,CongressCritters Are Morons

  1. And this is news to you? : )

    jdwheeler, you don’t actually believe they write those bills do you? They are written by corporate interests and lobbying groups (campaign contributors).

  2. It’s not those people writting the bill, look at ALEC. Even those detards, not the handicaped, but those who act “in the name of” those want “less” government to improve America, can “write” a bill to get introduced and passed for their interest.

  3. interesting. I thought that I read where they wer at a 6th grade level. But maybe that was in math.
    either way, we are a country run by idiots for the plutocracy. And if the rethug/teahadist collective wins in Nov, IMPO in less han 50 years we will be just like Mexico was 60 years ago. One class being the filch=filthy rich or 1%(but I like filch a lot better) and the other class would be the 99%, or debt slave.
    Now, since my entire pension comes from he govt-100% VA disability and my Post Office civil service pension for working 28.5 years, if the rethug/teahadist collective has anything to do with it I might be living on my wifes Social Security(if that is still around)or moving in with one of my kids due to no more VA, Medicare, Govt pension, or social security. Well, all I owe is my house payment-bought a brand new house in 2004 and because in Texas there is at least 1 good thing-disabled vets do not pay property tax, and if I die, my widow would not have to pay either. No matter what you say about Texas, they do treat both vets and disabled vets very well indeed.

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