This Can’t End Well

If this dumb bastard somehow manages to live past tomorrow, he would be well advised to immediately dump that fucking Prius for a beater Chevy, change his name and flee the country.


Police say a teenage driver was attacked by a group of motorcyclists after he knocked down two bikers on a Northern California freeway.

California Highway Patrol Officer Art Montiel says the trouble began at around 8 a.m. on Sunday when a 19-year-old man behind the wheel of Toyota Prius was shooting video of the motorcyclists as they made their way north on the highway through Belmont, about 25 miles south of San Francisco.

Montiel says as the teen was recording the video, he lost control of his car and hit two motorcyclists.

After the accident, some of the motorcyclists punched the teen in the head and threatened him with a knife. Montiel says when officers arrived there were about 20 motorcyclists at the scene, including at least two members of the Hells Angels.


Note the last sentence.


Ya know damn good and well one of those pissed off dudes caught the license plate number.

Said idiot is lucky to be alive and escaping with just a few punches to the head tells me the local cops must have been very, very, close by.

Otherwise the dip shit would be wearing that Prius.


No doubt the peckerhead is going to post it to Youtube.

I also see all the kid was cited for was distracted driving.

Not vehicular assault, like he should have been.

Like I said, this isn’t going to end well.

I’m sure those cops had their asses clenched pretty tight too.


2 thoughts on “This Can’t End Well

  1. Vehicular assault requires intent, and that’s hard to prove. Regarding the threatened etc., ya, I suggest he keep off the 101 for a while. BTW, Belmont has a lot of Harley shops, I suggest he avoid Belmont altogether :).

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