Giddyap, Move ‘Em On, RAWHIDE!


Speaking of Raw hide, we spent all day moving shit to the new place yesterday. Got about half done.

The wife will probably do some here and there during the week, I am off to work again.

Six days straight last week, all day moving yesterday, another five this week and then finish it off next weekend.

I am taking Tuesday off so we can go see Roger Water’s show, The Wall.


That is going to be one of the best concerts I have ever seen in my life.


Fired up The Beast, the old Ford has been sitting for a couple of months. I think that thing is going away, I never drive it anymore.

The wife was complaining of brake noise on her car and my front brakes were squealing all day yesterday.

I will slap some pads on the front of hers tomorrow before I go to work, picked them up a few minutes ago.

Mine will have to last a couple more weeks until we get done moving.


Well, thanks fer stopping by, I have to hit it again.


3 thoughts on “Giddyap, Move ‘Em On, RAWHIDE!

  1. Lottta stuff yer gettin done, hope ya wind up ok thru it all and get some rest on the other side of it all. Congrats on a new place!

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