Mr. Romney Is Not Aware Of How The Internet Works

Beer, meet sinuses,


I’m not familiar precisely with exactly what I said, but I stand by what I said, whatever it was.



Dude, really?


This fucking asshole has been caught lying so many fucking times it’s a fucking real life joke now.


“I pushed the idea of a managed bankruptcy, and finally when that was done, and help was given, the companies got back on their feet,” Romney told a Cleveland TV station while visiting a local auto plant Monday. “So, I’ll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry has come back.”


Just for shits and grins, the Mittster goes on and tries to blow his own horn bragging about his socialized health care plan he instituted while governor of Massachusetts and saying Obama was trying to copy it and then flipping like a mackerel on a hot dock and saying if the government tries it, it will cost billions.

Which is it ya lying fucking bastard?

Now let us have a little peek behind the scenes of what a duplicious  back stabbing mother fucker we are dealing with here.

If this doesn’t open your eyes to what a fucking corporate whore scumbag money grubbing fucking asshole who wants your vote Mitt Romney is, you are a brain washed complete fucking idiot in immediate need of a swift kick in the ass.



You did catch that right?

A million bucks from the Dept. of Education to swindle little kids.


Proud of it too.


That was ten years ago.

Now he has some real grifters in his employ.

Shit, if you are that fucking gullible, I will put up a Pay Pal link so you can send me millions of dollars so I can claim to be completely in agreement with everything this asshole claims to be for and kick sand in his face when I meet him on the beach in the Bahamas, at your expense.


Get real. Mitt Romney is worse than a case of genital warts.


Go ahead and vote for someone who would take the food out of a babies mouth and kick it’s mother into the gutter if he thought it would get him one single vote.


Etch A Sketch?

Two faced is so third grade when trying to pin this guy down.

Sociopathic Chameleon with delusions of Grandeur and ties to a non inclusive religious organization that has been linked to  Polygamy, Pedophilia, racism,isolationism and absolute intolerance towards any non believers.


This is the guy who has spent millions of dollars of his own money to get as far as he has and if elected, will have those very same religious fanatics foaming at the fucking mouth at the prospect of having direct access to the levers of power controlling what goes on in this country when it comes to domestic policy.


Think Conservatives Gone Wild.

Except not THOSE conservatives, the fucking assholes back East and in pockets here and there elsewhere.

No, the Church of Latter Day Saints has it’s very own unique brand of crazy and you can bet the farm if Romney gets elected that those annoying missionaries that knock on your door occasionally would soon make Pat Robertson and his fucking 700 club look like a Bingo parlor in Des Moines Iowa on a Tuesday night.

Think Fox News with funny underwear.


I don’t know what else to tell you besides the man is a proven liar, a fucking confidence man and all around skeezoid.


He gives me the creeps every time I watch him talk, because I turn the sound off and watch his body language.


That shit doesn’t lie.




2 thoughts on “Mr. Romney Is Not Aware Of How The Internet Works

  1. He thinks the general election is a reboot and nobody will pay attention to what he said before.

    He needs a better memory if he’s going to keep telling lies. Telling the truth is easy to remember as the facts don’t change.

    Sadly, as bad as he is, and he is awful, there were even worse running this time around.

  2. Politician= Liar. Period. They’re all a pack of two faced doubletalking self pimping whores. Dimocrap, Repugnican, it makes no difference. From the mayor all the way up to el presidente, they are all one and the same. Self serving, ambitious whores…

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