I’ll Just Assume They Were All Democrats.

Shit, Chicago has nothing on Florida it seems


Florida is calling on county election supervisors to remove more than 53,000 dead people from the state’s voting rolls.

State officials this year checked Social Security files and concluded that people who died were still registered to vote. This was the first time the state checked the files. It was allowed under a controversial election law that passed the GOP-controlled Legislature last year.


Holy cow, someone isn’t doing their fucking job here.

Really, 53 fucking thousand dead voters that are still eligible?

Makes me wonder how many of them are still cashing Social Security checks every month.

I will be the first to admit I don’t know exactly how this process is supposed to work but when someone kicks the bucket there is a death certificate issued and usually a death notice put in the paper by surviving family memberes.

Does the death certificate not get sent to SOMEONE in the government who is supposed to let the rest of agencies know?


Maybe we do need a Death Panel, to get the word out that these people will not be voting in the future as they are now permanently kicking up daisies.


The usual dysfunctional bureaucies hard at work as usual, avoiding any.

On a positive note, at least if they can’t vote that means they can’t donate to the fucking Republicans either.




3 thoughts on “I’ll Just Assume They Were All Democrats.

  1. Hey Busted, FYI, I am a widow, and until I went to my local government with a death cert. NO. No the government doesn’t do that It took me over 2 years to do finally do it after having to look at his name above mine when I went to vote. I will also say that no one assumed his identity and voted in his place. It was a real pain to get him off the voter rolls. That is an interesting issue you bring up. Perhaps there wouldn’t be so much suspicion if there was some kind of protocol, it would be so much kinder for the bereaved, also, not to have to deal with that, and better for all living citizens.

  2. Government agencies that need to know if you are dead are supposed to use information supplied by the SSA to keep their rolls up to date. It costs money so you know who is the first to go when the budget is cut.

  3. I don’t know about your locale, but when I registered to vote, all I need to provide was my name, address, citizenship status, and age. No SSN. So the fact that the SSA keeps a death registry by SSN is irrelevant to our local voter rolls, and my guess is that most of those 53,000 people aren’t actually dead, they just have the same name as someone on the SSA death registry — and note that my own name is on the death registry dozens of times each year, because I have one of the most common names on the planet.

    In short, just another plot to disenfranchise (living) voters. What do you bet that they *only* sent this list to voter registrars in districts where the majority of voters are *brown*?!

    – Badtux the Franchise Penguin

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