How To Winnow Out The “True Believers”

First you find a 139 year old Baptist university in Georgia, put a bunch of whack job hard core bible thumpers in charge and then amend the contract with all of your teachers to include the following clause at the last minute;


The “Personal Lifestyle Statement” requires employees to reject homosexuality, premarital sex, adultery, drug use and public drinking near campus. It also mandates that staff be active in a local church.

Then see just who sticks around. There ya have it, it’s that simple.


Pure genius on some completely fucked up individuals part.


Those would be the Jesus freaks who will be left to teach the younger versions of themselves because all of the sane teachers and students will pick up and move on to where you can’t cut the crazy in the air with a butter knife.


This actually happened.

A university in Georgia is bleeding faculty after adding a new section to employee contracts last October. The “Personal Lifestyle Statement” requires employees to reject homosexuality, premarital sex, adultery, drug use and public drinking near campus. It also mandates that staff be active in a local church.

In an anonymous survey in April, only 12 percent of faculty and staff said that they planned to stay at Shorter University, a 139-year-old Baptist school, reports Inside Higher Ed. More than 50 resigned before the new contracts were even distributed, and certain departments, such as science and fine arts, have been “eviscerated,” according to Michael Wilson, a tenured librarian for the university who’s worked there for 14 years.



Get a load of this next part, Could we please give these assholes back to The Confederacy and just put up a giant fence around the whole joint?


The new policy of course discriminates against employees or applicants who are not socially conservative Christians. But as a religious educational institution, Shorter is allowed to discriminate in favor of a particular religion with any employee, even employees not connected with the school’s religious activities, according to an exception granted by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

The policy also discriminates against gay Americans. But in Georgia, it is legal for employers to discriminate against gays and lesbians. In February, representatives in Georgia voted to table a bill that would have extended protections to its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens. In 2004, Georgia also became the fifth state in the union to amend its constitution to ban same-sex marriage; 25 others followed.

Legal discrimination.


Read that again.


I have an idea, let’s ostracize these halfwit extremist motherfuckers and put economic sanctions on ’em like we do with other countries we disagree with, like Iran.


Because these fuckers don’t belong in this country.

Religious zealots with a political agenda and the power to force that agenda on the public.

Don’t even begin to tell me these nut bags don’t have a political agenda, it is as plain as the broken nose on my face, they are just hiding behind the robes of their religion.


It’s true that no one is forcing anyone to either go to that school or teach there but that corrosive and uninclusive attitude tends to bleed over into the public sphere.


Universities usually rely on tuition to keep the doors open, that makes me wonder just how these assclowns plan on doing that.

There must be some right wing conservative whackjobs with damn deep pockets coughing up some serious dough to keep this place open with no fucking teachers.


Might as well turn it into a monastary.


Well, here’s a hearty Fuck You to some narrow minded cock suckers.


Keep it up and you will all be fucking your first cousins at The Prom.

Oh, wait, you will have to marry the inbred motherfucker first if you signed that pledge.


No sex for you Poindexter and don’t forget masturbation is out too, you tiny brained little peckerheads.

There is going to be a lovely blue hue in the dorms around there at night.




5 thoughts on “How To Winnow Out The “True Believers”

  1. Last time I checked we have “freedom of religion” in this country. just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean you get to abolish it. For a guy who screams about rights all the time this is somewhat surprising.

  2. Sounds like a self-correcting problem that’s already in the process of correcting itself. Either the administration will reverse itself or the college won’t get 140 years old. Problem solved. Who needs more laws?

  3. The Confederacy being much maligned notwithstanding, I wonder which part of “with Liberty, and Justice for ALL” they do not understand.

    On the Confederacy, I say only this: “The history of our people was written by our enemies.”

  4. Unfortunately, education is no longer about excellence. Critical thinking is anathema. You teach to test. The best way to get rid of the best and brightest teachers is to make them sign a stupid clause. Because you wouldn’t want someone who is thinking and teaching outside the box. Which is exactly what we need now. I had amazing gay professors that taught me so much. And no one cared that they were gay. Talent is what counts, innovation counts. It says a lot that their Art department has been decimated. What free thinking, potentially gay artist is going to stick around for that lynching? It’s really unbelievable.

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